Have you ever been away on holiday, but couldn’t find anything worthy of being a stylish souvenir? Unfortunately those two words – ‘stylish’ and ‘souvenir’ don’t often go hand in hand. Too often I’m confronted by gift shops that are brimming with poor quality items that, when I get them home, end up in the attic.

But souvenir chic is a big trend in the fashion world right now with everything from bags to earrings sporting miniature Eiffel Towers, London Buses or Russian babushka dolls, and interior designers are catching on to the trend.

So don’t fall into the trap while on holiday of buying souvenirs at the last minute that you don’t really want and end up giving away. Rather than returning home laden with a heavy suitcase full of keep-sakes, why not buy something stylish from Barker and Stonehouse to remind you of your travels? And at the same time nail the new interior trend that is ‘tourist chic’.

For example, this fabulous tall Grecian Urn embodies the Grecian pottery style, without you having to haul something similar through customs. The lead finish gives an antique feel, while the urn is hard-wearing and built to last. Ideal as a stylish planter in your garden, or as a decorative piece, particularly as a pair to furnish a conservatory, the Grecian Urn gives you a little bit of Grecian mystique, without the air miles!

Similarly, you can save money on expensive shipping costs with this fabulous retro American 5th Avenue display cabinet. Effortlessly chic, this 1960’s style piece is the personification of the stylish television series Mad Men and wouldn’t look out of place in Don Draper’s incredible Manhattan apartment. The high gloss American walnut veneer, interior glass shelves and polished aluminium handles reflect stateside sophistication at its best.

This sculpture of the Chrysler building, one of New York’s most iconic landmarks is another beautiful American piece. Made from textured aluminium (or ‘aluminum’ as the Americans would say) it would look perfect on top of that 5th Avenue cabinet, or make a stylish paper weight in any study or home office.

With the tourist chic look, don’t be scared of combining mismatched items from different eras and countries, anything goes – it doesn’t have to be those that you have visited of course, but can simply be items you like, or places that you would like to visit.

And whether you summer in the South of France or simply long for a touch of je ne sais quoi, you can recreate the rustic French outdoors style with this Petits Pois sack-print scatter cushion. In rough textured cotton, it would look great in any conservatory or country kitchen, bringing a little piece of Gallic chic into your home. And if the rest of your kitchen is more English cottage that doesn’t matter, because mixing and matching different styles is what tourist chic is all about.

So don’t waste time rummaging through souvenir shops filled with poor quality, over-priced tourist tat, instead shop around and choose stylish reminders of your favourite places from shops right here on your doorstep.

All of the products are from Barker and Stonehouse (www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk) and you can follow us at www.facebook.com/barkerandstonehouse.