Step away from your signature Santa printed paper and get a little crafty this year. While perfectly placed bows and delicately curled ribbons may create the illusion of professionally wrapped presents, personalised paper and a few festive accessories will give your gifts a real personal touch.

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Here are our top tips for wrapping like a pro:

Be prepared

First, make sure you set aside an evening or weekend to wrap all of your presents to avoid the last minute Christmas Eve chaos.

Before you begin, stock up on the essentials:

• A tape dispenser
• Double-sided sticky tape
• A sharp pair of scissors

Be practical

Create a space on a large, firm surface – this will stop your paper from wrinkling.

Lay your gift on the paper to measure how much you will need and cut accordingly. Pull the paper together tightly to get a smooth finish and secure with double-sided sticky tape. Then, fold all of the edges inwards, trimming excess paper and hold with tape. Now you’re ready to accessorise!

Top tip – for unusually shaped gifts, opt for materials like tissue or fabric that can be manipulated to fit the shape.

Image credit manmadediy

Image credit: manmadediy

Be creative

Brown paper provides the perfect base for personalised wrapping and is great for those on a budget. You can also create your own print, using festive stamps or stencils and spray paint.

Image Credit walkinlove

Image credit: walkinlove


Instead of ribbon, opt for rope, raffia or baker’s twine to create a textured finished.

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Image credit: materialsandmethod

For that extra special touch, embellish your gifts with buttons, baubles, mistletoe, feathers, pine cones, candy cains or pom poms, for an eye-catching look that will make your presents pop under the tree on Christmas morning.

Image credit boxwoodclippings

Image credit: boxwoodclippings


Make your loved ones feel even more special with a personalised name tags. Cut out their initials on left over printed paper or write your festive messages directly on the gift itself.

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Image credit: In My Own Style 

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