A love for design and a desire to see things done the best way possible is what inspires Timothy Oulton, founder and Creative Director of his eponymous brand, to create unique and authentic furniture and accessories.

Available from Barker and Stonehouse, the Timothy Oulton collection blends the influence of timeless, classic design with a modern perspective, heritage and longevity to form the core of the brand’s values.

 A tribute to Timothy’s antiques background, each piece is handcrafted using time-honoured techniques, while the designer’s extraordinary attention to detail means that every bolt, every stitch, and every detail counts.

 From distressed leather couches to reclaimed wooden tables, statement chandeliers to luxurious trunks, no two Timothy Oulton products at Barker and Stonehouse are ever alike and each piece is imbued with its own distinct personality.

Timothy says: “In everything that we do, I want it to be unique, to be the best in class or I won’t do it.

“We’re the Rolling Stones of the furniture world.  It’s about taking something from the past and making it relevant.

“It’s the raw finish that makes it contemporary and it’s furniture that you interact with, that you look at and smile.”

We stock a wide range of Timothy Oulton furniture.  To view the range visit our website: http://www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/famous-brands-TimothyOulton.php