Inspirational blogger Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar shares with us his latest blog post on bedroom update ideas.

Whether you are making last minute updates for guests coming to stay this year, or just planning to update your own bedroom, winter is a perfect time to upgrade the bedroom.

Colour, texture and lighting play an important role in shaping the look, feel and atmosphere of a bedroom. Playing with these elements will help to tell the story of the space; they are what will make it personal to you. Let’s take a look at three different bedroom spaces to see how these elements can be switched up, paired together and contrasted to create various bedroom looks.

Rustic Lodge


This look is centered on the San Quentin bedroom range of furniture that sees beautiful woods paired with cast metal hardware. This marriage leads to a handcrafted, original look and feel; no two pieces are ever alike. This is ideal for country home, or for a scheme that you hope will feel like a sanctuary from the rush of everyday city life. In this scheme texture takes centre stage and leads the décor pack to tell the story of the space. The rough wooden textures instantly nod to hunting lodge style, while the metal detailing adds a subtle industrial feel to the scheme. A muted colour palette continues the theme, with deep reds and oranges pairing well against the dark wood. Metal bedside lamps continue the introduction of metal through the hardware to create a stylish and well-coordinated space.

Nautical Classic


This light, bright and refreshing blue and white scheme is a 360 degrees switch on the rustic lodge look. In his nautical classic bedroom scheme the Wiltshire bed works as a central point in the scheme – it grounds the space and the individual elements. Soothing and simple, this scheme nods to the relaxing qualities of the seaside to help tell its story – calling on colour and texture to do so. Navy blue hues of the sea are introduced via graphic stripe and geometric patterns on the walls and rug, while a distressed wooden bedside table is a nod to textural driftwood. These elements work well against the classic tufted headboard; the colour, pattern and texture add visual interest to the neutral bed. Sticking to the classic blue and white pattern means there is a red thread flowing throughout the scheme.

Metallic Luxe


The third look is based around a stylish Tempur Foxton Bedstead, which marries classic and modern styling. This scheme’s buzzword is: comfort. In fact, NASA originally developed Tempur as a material to relieve the pressure endured by astronauts during lift off. The Tempur material conforms to your body shape – soft where you want it and firm where you need it. The mattress comfort is paired with a stylish flush fitting buttoned headboard, where the modern slim line block style frame gives an extra twist of chic. To continue telling the luxe and indulgent story of this bedroom scheme, a series of dark and metallic touches have been layered into the space. A trio of metallic copper pendants reflects the copper bedside table lamp, while a shimmering silver bedspread continues the glamorous, luxury vibe of the space. Soft textiles and furnishings are key to making this bedroom scheme feel extra indulgent – this makes the Dolce rug the perfect choice to place under the bed for a soft touch underfoot.

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