Designer Thomas Bina says design should be courageous – and he doesn’t believe in safe.

His brave and beautiful designs, hand-crafted from sustainably-harvested and reclaimed woods, are both lovely and practical.

Working in exotic woods such as peroba, walnut and shagren, Bina’s super-stylish and useful furniture displays his signature combination of warm patinas juxtaposed with rough and refined woods.

This artistic use of tone ensures each piece – always one of a kind – is striking enough to create a real focal point in a room, blending effortlessly with other items.

Bina was originally a Los Angeles-educated law school dropout, but he saw the light about eco-friendly furniture on a coming-of-age trip to Indonesia.

Astonished by the loveliness of the hand-crafted items he saw there, he realised that while re-use and repurposing had rejuvenated the world of furniture, there was an exciting challenge ahead.

Bina talks about putting energy into a product, which he believes is as important as the materials you use. It gives his furniture an organic appeal and a playfulness that often reworks retro-style into timeless classics.

In many pieces dovetailed frames, rich patinas and waxed finishes hark back to the craftsmanship he first saw in Indonesia.

“It’s always fun to look at a piece and ask ‘how did they do that?’” he says. The secrets are all in his talented hands.