Nothing inspires relaxation more than a sumptuously styled feminine bedroom, don’t you agree?

From the decadently styled Romance Collection, drawing upon the glamour of Hollywood starlets, to the refined elegance of the Victorian-inspired Claudette Collection, your bedroom should offer a calm and soothing atmosphere; a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

Dress the Room - Blacnket Box, Mirror, lamp and dressing table

There are several key elements that are essential to creating the perfect boudoir, from a dressing table laden with cosmetics and twinkly jewels, to a full length mirror to admire your outfits, and a blanket box for the overspill of bed linens (or perhaps just additional clothing storage!)

Lighting is also of utmost importance – you need to have enough light in your dressing and make up area to ensure you look your very best, but you also need to be able to turn down the glare to create a soft, restful atmosphere when it’s time to unwind. The key is to have several table or standing lights that can be switched on together when full luminosity is required, and turned off one-by-one to create the perfect mood light at bedtime. The Chambord Glass & Wood Table Lamp is a personal favourite to have by the bed as a reading light.

Dress the bed - Throws and cushions - Boudoir Inspiration

Dressing the bed is one of the best ways to have fun with your chosen feminine scheme, be it glitzy starlet – how fab is this Aquilla Gilt Sequin Cushion? – or more elegantly refined with pure white tactile linens, such as the intricately adorned Stitched Double Quilt. Playing with different textures, colours, prints and fabrics on your bed is the best way to add exuberance to your scheme; one of my personal favourite cushions is this bold and quirky Melt Cushion.

Dress the floor with Rugs - Katie Baxter

Dressing the floor is also important, as sinking your bare feet into a plush pile when you first wake up is one of the most decadent of indulgences. A few of my favourite options are the fabulously flirtatious floral designs of the Tropics collection – in Taupe Green Chrysanthemum for a sophisticated feel, or Multicolour Floral for a more hot-house interpretation. Alternatively, the plush faux fur shag of the Urban Safari in Pastel Mink rug also has a strong tactile allure for my toes!

Dress the walls for a feminine boudoir - Gallery, artwork and Clocks

Don’t forget your walls! Bedrooms are the perfect place to stamp your innermost girly-ness all over that blank canvas, from whimsical artwork to Parisian-inspired timepieces, and even an opulent Birdcage Mobile – this one is made from carved plywood so don’t worry, it won’t keep you up all night tweeting!

Dress the table image with vase, decanter and tray

Lastly, be sure to dress those tabletops with a few final feminine flourishes. This opulent Mirrored Tray in Hammered Gold would be the perfect display base for a collection of glass decanters and perfume bottles. Then scatter a few pastel pink vases – I love this Remi Copper Vase – with flower blooms on any remaining surface tops to add a burst of feminine floral fragrance.