One of our favourite colour trends of Spring 2020, terracotta is full of earthy energy and is known to stimulate the body and mind. Surrounding yourself with this organic hue can help you feel engaged and motivated, so it’s a brilliant way to inject some vitality into your home through furniture and accessories.

Earthy Escape Trend

Terracotta is a key element of our Earthy Escapes look. This trend brings together a mixture of rich baked tones and natural textures for an incredibly inviting effect, so it’s a great place to start if you’re seeking inspiration for your terracotta colour scheme.


Our Earthy Escape trend

Looking for just a hint of the hue? Take your pick of our top terracotta pieces…

Pom Pom Cushion

Terracotta Pom Pom Cushion

Soft and snuggly, the Pom Pom Cushion will introduce a cosy touch of terracotta to your bedroom. Its simple block colour can be styled up to make a statement, or dressed down for an unfussy finish.

Knox Rug

Knox Rug

A modern take on terracotta, the Knox Rug will provide a stunning accent for your living room, bedroom or dining room. Introduce it as a statement piece, or as an anchor that pulls your whole colour scheme together.

Tetrad Jacaranda Chair

Tetrad Jacaranda Chair

The Tetrad Jacaranda Armchair is upholstered in baked terracotta fabric with a faded Bagru pattern. The understated tone lends itself to laidback looks and living spaces inspired by bohemian style.

Small Terracotta Vase

Terracotta Vase

The contrasting textures of the Small Terracotta Vase juxtapose a softer and darker tone, so it can effortlessly complement any earthy shade on the spectrum.

Tassel Cushion

Terracotta Tassel Cushion

In the garden, outdoor cushions are a fantastic way to inject some personality. The Tassel Cushion is detailed with soft cream tassels for a fun and exotic feel, while its geometric patterns help to break up the terracotta colour.

Wondering what colour goes with terracotta? A warm shade that can range from red to brown, terracotta tones are more versatile than they may first appear. In the home, you can’t go wrong when teaming them with grey, black or white – but if you’re seeking something a little more vibrant then blue-greens like turquoise and teal are ideal.

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