The black and white craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet; in fact, it seems to be stronger than ever. The use of monochrome in decorating can create a stunning and dramatic effect, without creating confusion within the interior design newbies. So why not take a cue from the fashion world and introduce the timeless chic of black and white into your home. The monochrome look can range from minimalist chic to wild animal print, giving you plenty of scope when deciding on a theme.

Sue Timney, a British interior designer says:

“Valentino, Saint Laurent, Dior and even Victoria Beckham all feature strong black and white designs in their 2016 fashion collections.

Little surprise then that this strong trend is also reaching out to the Home for 2016. Trends come and go but there’s always room each season for monochrome interiors and it’s the perfect foil for soft tones to help lift and even to place against strong colours. It’s timeless.”

If you’re anything like us, you’re bound to have stumbled upon a Scandinavian blog via Pinterest and been in awe of how appealing the striking simplistic approach to colour can be.


So let’s look at the benefits;

If you want a sleek, stylish interior but haven’t got an interior design bone in your body, worry not, monochrome makes decorating easy!

Monochrome is restful, timeless and practical. By restricting your colour palette, any number of eclectic elements can exist happily together, inexpensive or simple things look more sophisticated, and decorating decisions are made easier.

2. The monochrome scheme also eliminates the stress over choosing colour combinations which will work well together. Black and white are natural colours, so they look great with anything!

3. Remember, white can do wonders for your home too, white is a reflective colour, so it gives the feel of an enlarged space, perfect for a small apartment or a smaller living space.

4. Mixing black furniture, black-and-white photography, and a lamp or two adds punctuation to a room, and a rug combining both colours will ground it.