The results are in! With teenagers getting their grades in either A Levels or GCSEs it’s all change at home. Whether your teenager is heading off to university or gearing up for a few more years of studying, it’s best to create a place which works equally well for working hard and playing hard.

When styling a teen’s bedroom, it’s always key to keep in mind what your teenager wants and to work with them on the design. Their bedroom is their sanctuary during these years, with a multifunctional purpose of sleeping, relaxing, studying and everything in between, so you want to get it right.

Understated, plain walls also allow for an interior scheme to have plenty of colourful accessories thrown into the mix or to provide a plain background for wall murals, which are easy to find online and are a great way to add a sense of individuality to your teen’s room – of their choosing of course!

If you’re a little short on space, a multifunctional bed such as the Urban Highsleeper from Barker and Stonehouse is ideal for younger children going into their teens. Featuring a solid wooden single bedframe, the Highsleeper allows for desk and futon space underneath, with a ladder leading up to the bed above. The futon chair extends into a second bed that’s perfect for sleepovers.

For an older teen, the Mondo storage sleeper offers a double bed with a great storage solution that frees up floor space. The bed’s gas lift mechanism allows it to rise up, exposing the useful shelves and drawers underneath. It’s the perfect space for clothes, accessories and books, and with handy door access, the under-bed storage can be fully utilised and accessed without always lifting the bed.

Shelving is important for keeping all those books, toys and gadgets, and the Bleecker range of furniture provides stylish, recycled pieces with an urban vibe – perfect for older teenagers with a penchant for quirky upcycled products. The two-drawer bookcase is made from iron and a mix of recycled woods collected from old houses, furniture, door frames and railway sleepers. To complement its industrial style, it has been made to look like an old shipping/tea crate with a distressed painted finish, and no two bookshelves are the same, providing a sense of individuality – something high on the list of many teens.  The Bleecker TV cabinet would also be great for those with game consoles and televisions.

Sofa beds make a great addition for larger rooms that allow for a separate lounge space – and they can of course double up as an option for guests to stay. My favourite is the Choice Nouveau sofa bed from Barker and Stonehouse. The cream works well with a neutral theme running through the room and can be accessorised with bright cushions.

Finishing touches like a bold, colourful rug can bring extra character to the overall feel of the room, while also increasing the lifespan of carpet in well-used areas. The Freddie rug with its bright geometric star pattern comes in a variety of colours and makes a fun addition to a room.

Whether your child is a younger tween or an older teen, it’s easy to create a room that they will love to spend time in, be it sleeping, studying or anything in between.