Our sofa. It’s not just something to sit on… it’s a style statement, a family meeting place, somewhere to snuggle and snooze. So it’s no wonder that Tetrad, leaders of British sofa design since the Sixties, see guiding the evolution of the sofa as one of their key roles.

Forty five years ago Tetrad took the first steps towards becoming one of the UK’s finest upholstery businesses. Their expert craftsmanship and the pride they take in their beautifully hand-crafted furniture, have elevated them to an industry leading position.

To find out more about the history and values behind this iconic furniture brand, we talked to Tetrad Director Janus Cooper who tells us why their slogan is: ‘Anything else is just a sofa’.

From groovy to innovative

Tetrad Director Janus Cooper says the modern British homeowner has gradually, over time, become more discerning when it comes to soft furnishings.

“The passion for products that will stand the test of time is crucial to Tetrad,” he says. He’s sure the secret of the success of this most British of companies has been innovation over the past 50 years.

Tetrad founder Bob Cooper with colleagues

“We started in the late Sixties by creating modern leather upholstery, then went on to producing the first machine washable shabby chic styles in the Nineties,” he says.

“We’re now innovating again with our partnership with Harris Tweed Hebrides. “All our products are individually made in Lancashire. We have great provenance on all raw materials.”

What’s creating cool now?

“We have a tireless in-house design team that travels the world looking for new ideas for our collections,” says Janus.

“Our biggest collection at the moment is based on Harris Tweed fabrics, and we originally got inspiration from the clothing industry for that. Attention to detail is key with all of our products  leather trims, hand studding and polished legs.”

Heading into the next decade, Tetrad will continue to focus on the classic shapes that are so popular, but constantly take them forward. “The important things are to find the right colour palettes and fabric textures and also to evolve new shapes,” Janus says.

“As homes have become smaller over the past few decades, size is very important, but we still need to create a comfortable and stylish seating area for the customer.”

What Brits love about our sofas

Tetrad Harris Tweed Bowmore Sofa

“Tetrad customers put the initial focus on the style and fabric when choosing their new sofa,” Janus says. “After that, they look at comfort, and finally the price,” he says. “Barker and Stonehouse stores provide the perfect showcase for Tetrad products.”

“Barker and Stonehouse are definitely the best stores in the UK — their visual merchandising is superb, because presentation is key for us,” says Janus. “They also offer great value and amazing customer service.”

Here at Barker and Stonehouse, we’re proud to stock a stylish selection of Tetrad sofas, chairs and footstools upholstered in beautiful Harris Tweed fabrics and leathers. To discover our range of Tetrad Harris Tweed sofas, chairs and footstools, click here.