Have you added two and two together recently and got five? Probably not – but one of the latest interior design trends manages to do something that’s similar, and just as clever.

Fusion style is – as the name suggests – a way to bring looks together in surprising combinations that add up to a gorgeously eclectic total.

So, for instance, you might take a weathered vintage chest and position it within a minimalist interior. The chest will gain enormous impact because at first glance it looks unlikely in that setting – but it will enrich the entire room with its texture and colour.

Getting a fusion right can be a tricky business, but if you settle on the right combination the results can be fabulous. Naturally eclectic people have the knack of cherry-picking objects that are very different, yet harmonise rather than fighting each other.

The secret to putting items from different design worlds together is to look for unifying themes, such as a palette of colours that draw the contents of your room into a whole no matter how varied they are in style.

Take, for instance, the bright orange of the Kartell Fly pendant shade in the main picture. It has a retro feel both in colour and in the transparent material of its shade, but it sits well in this modern room because its vibrant hue is picked up in the soft throw and one of the shades on the striking Dexter floor lamp.

These are just small touches, but they help bring the room together. I also love the way the warm wood of the V Plus sideboard from Barker and Stonehouse chimes with the table and the lintel above the rustic fireplace.

That creates a stark contrast with the cool white tiled floors, but this is softened by the addition of the Aztec rug with its strong zig-zag pattern – another item that’s got that touch of orange.

The soap-bubble sheer dining room chairs follow the transparent theme set by the pendant. Because you can see the white floor right through them, they create no barrier to the eye and add to its unifying flow.

The themes you choose for your fusion room are limitless. You could choose reclaimed materials, shining surfaces such as chrome, mirrors and metals, or organic shapes such as florals.

Accessories are a big help – the Mr White station clock would fit well with an enormous range of fusion rooms thanks to its stylish simplicity, and I also like the natural texturing of the Amali Bamboo Buktag table lamp.

It’s a pretty eclectic object in itself thanks to the mixture of bamboo base and hessian shade with a chrome column.

This is not a look for the fearful. Be bold enough to bring things in, try them and replace them if they’re not quite working; with an eclectic look like this, you can afford to experiment – and the results can be exciting.