So many rooms in our homes are multi-functional; a spare bedroom often serves as a dressing room, a games or music room can double up as a fitness space, and dining rooms often become the place to work or study.

Because of this, it’s imperative to have stylish storage that clears away clutter and makes the most of living spaces.

For book lovers, shelving that displays your favourite reads and reference books is a must, while in study areas they’re ideal for keeping files and stationery neat and tidy.

The stylish and dynamic Steps shelving units from Barker and Stonehouse look great in a contemporary room – be it home office, study or lounge area. I love their asymmetric shape and simple design, they’re sure to become a design classic and come in range of sizes.

In-built shelving around door frames or underneath high window ledges adds a quirky style touch, while providing additional storage for those with plenty of reading material.

Small chests or trunks can double up as storage for blankets or magazines and seats or side tables. The simple design of the Jools storage box with wooden slats makes it a versatile option.

For smaller space saving solutions, trunks, boxes and baskets are a great choice, as they’re easy to move around and have a variety of uses, whether you’re storing magazines, toys or logs for the winter fire.

The Apler Magazine Rack from Barker and Stonehouse is a stylish way to keep magazines and newspapers, and the Grey Kubu Log Basket made from strong rattan will bring a natural look to your living space.

Maximise the use of a small spare bedroom or study with a sofa bed – but be sure to opt for something high quality to ensure it will last. Choose one in a plain bold colour over patterns, which tend to crowd small rooms and make them look cluttered.

One of the best is Barker and Stonehouse’s Choice Art Deco sofa bed, which comes with a choice of three mattresses, mechanism required and colour, providing the ultimate flexibility to suit your needs.

Investing in good quality storage solutions and space savers can really transform living spaces from cramped to comfortable, and will really make a difference to your home.