In recent months there has been a growing trend for simple décor and a stripped back aesthetic. And as we move towards spring the desire for a less cluttered space intensifies. It’s a sort of reversal of the winter hibernation mode we all go into. Where the focus was on warmth and comfort during the colder months, now we start to think about a cleaner look.

To create a fresh and modern space, try using natural materials. One of the most timeless and versatile building materials is stone. ‘Stone’ comprises a range of minerals, from quartz and other gem stones to slate, sandstone and marble and it is primarily marble which we are interested in.

Interestingly shaped pebbles and stones can be displayed in decorative bowls or used as book ends or paperweights. You can also look for pieces where the work is done for you. The Ralph stone doorstop with nickel hoop from Barker and Stonehouse is an unusual design. A large black stone with a nickel hoop for ease of lifting, its solid weight will hold the door and give your home an earthy quality without any rough edges.

The Ralph Stone Doorstop with Nickel Hoop

Stone and marble are natural materials which can appear antique or modern depending on how you use them.

Marble is a kind of metamorphosed limestone, whose name loosely translates as ‘shining stone’ in Greek. It is this natural high shine, and the fact that marble is soft enough to carve which has kept it in demand for sculptures and in the production of furniture for centuries.

The Galicia from Barker and Stonehouse is a stunning dining range, fashioned from gorgeous travertine marble in a rich walnut shade. The square topped dining table is perfectly complimented by the embossed alligator leather bench and chairs, to create a stunning contemporary dining experience. And each piece is unique as anomalies in pattern and colour occur naturally through the marble.

Similarly, the Lusaka sideboard has simple lines and a classic style that would not look out of place in any contemporary home. The richness of the dark wood is picked up in the marble inserts and a marble top. A matching dining range, lamp table, console table and coffee table are also available in the same high gloss dark mocha Emperador finish.

Contrast marble and stone with soft furnishings such as cushions with a metallic sheen and pure linen and cotton in neutral colours.

Barker and Stonehouse also has the Stones rug, a luxury rug woven from wool and art silk. Heavily textured with a very thick pile it’s warm and soft, with a quirky pebble design.

Marble and stone will never go out of fashion and these kind of solid and functional yet naturally stunning materials are the perfect base for a contemporary home.

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