Decorating with red, white and blue may sound kitsch, but the trend towards all things Americana has been huge in recent years.

Whether you go vintage with retro flags and old school furniture, or contemporary with a few key accessories, it’s easy to put your own chic spin on patriotic decor. After all, there’s nothing more dynamic than stars and stripes.

If you love the idea of incorporating this look into your home but don’t know where to start, try one large-scale flag as the focal point of a room. This would look great hung in a hallway, kitchen or over a fireplace.


For a subtle take on the trend go for a monochrome colour palette, with faded greys and black and white. I love the Jools Star One Cushion from Barker and Stonehouse, its faded denim style is cool and understated. The Jools Star Rug from the same range is the perfect accompaniment with its faded flags, stars and distressed finish.

Alternatively for a bright and colourful take on the trend, the Freddie Rug is perfect. Exclusively designed for the Plantation Rug Company, this soon-to-become iconic design has bright, geometric lines that create repeating stars, and is guaranteed to make any room shine.


Timothy Oulton is the king of stars and stripes; his collections combine tradition with innovation and are hand-made by talented artisans using materials with a history. A throwback to the school hall storage solutions of yesteryear, his American Locker range at Barker and Stonehouse features retro-styled lockers, drawers, medicine cabinets and old school desks.

Timothy Oulton American Lockers Slim 3 Door from Barker and Stonehouse

The collection’s authentic, buffed steel finishes come complete with brass hinges and working locks and are the perfect partner to a stars and stripes design scheme. Reminiscent of a past time spent in school hallways, gyms and locker rooms, the pieces are full of wit and playfulness.

This is great for collectors of sports paraphernalia who want to complement their collection with a fitting design scheme. But if you want to get the look without the collection, Timothy Oulton also has a great range of framed, vintage black and white prints of sportsmen that are perfectly suited to this trend.

For a real style statement, the iconic Bensington chairs and sofas also by Timothy Oulton won’t disappoint. Each chair features a huge union jack in glorious red, white and blue which is hand dyed and stitched to glorious effect.


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