Whether it be in a drawer or a cupboard under the stairs, we are all somewhat guilty of shoving random bits and bobs out of sight, only to find a few months later that the ‘organised’ hoarding has got way out of hand.

Spring is renowned for fresh starts and new beginnings, which is why this time of year is the perfect opportunity to start thinking about having a good old tidy and decluttering our homes.

A cleaning and decluttering spree is great for giving your home a refresh, but we’ll always need a place to keep those items that we think might be useful at a later date – i.e. takeaway menus and a collection of those ‘special’ free pens.

Having good storage is therefore key to your spring clean and maintaining a clutter free environment all year round; we’ve put together a few of our top storage picks which will help you along the way:

  1. Our brilliant multi-function Oslo Table is a great way of incorporating storage into your dining space. It features a large drawer with two wire shelves, making it a stylish and practical storage solution. With the capacity to seat up to 6 people, it also has a reversible table top which is stainless steel on one side making it tolerant to hot objects; it’d be hard to find a more practical table than this one.

Oslo Cut Out

  1. Another great idea for helping to keep your living space tidy is by adding storage solutions that extend beyond the norm like our beautiful Empire Gold Oversized Large Bowl. With its beautiful gold lustre finish, this aluminium bronze coated bowl is brilliant on a table top for a safe place to throw your keys when you get through the front door after a long day…there’d no longer be any need to spend around 15 minutes of your day searching around for them!

Empire Gold Bowl

  1. Our gorgeous industrial-style Tapered 1 Drawer Rack is a great addition to any living zone. With smooth oak shelves, the rack also features a handy drawer at its base to stow away those less attractive items that you don’t want on display.

Tapered Drawer

  1. Bedroom storage is also key for decluttering your spaces. Blankets, duvets and cushions can be a nightmare to store and take up so much space! Our chic Capri Blanket Box would be a stylish yet functional piece to add to your bedroom for a simple and effective place to keep those bulky but necessary items.

Capri Blanket Box

  1. We can all appreciate how hard it is to keep kids’ bedrooms tidy and clutter free, so our Joost Tree is perfect for giving your child’s room an element of organisation. This free standing coat hanger is brilliant for hanging items which you want out of the way, whether it be coats or soft toys.

Joost Tree