Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time for streamlining your interiors and de-cluttering to create a more pared-down aesthetic. And if you are short on space there are some incredibly clever storage solutions out there to really make the most of the space you’ve got.

Often new homes don’t have enough in-built storage areas, while older buildings have spaces that don’t fit standard storage solutions.

And despite recent minimalist trends, many of us own more possessions than we actually have room to store – particularly if you have children.

Furniture that doubles up as storage is a great starting point, and this stylish Kimberley coffee table from Barker and Stonehouse is a fantastic place to keep clutter out of sight in the lounge. I love its rustic charm and high quality distressed finish, which give it an antique feel that’s usually only achieved over a period of years. Incorporating eight drawers, it’s perfect for hiding remote controls, CDs and all manner of paraphernalia.

Building book shelves around door frames or underneath high window ledges adds a quirky style touch, while providing extra storage for those with plenty of reading material. Small chests or trunks can double up as storage for blankets or magazines and side tables.

This Natuzzi Odessa sofa is a style icon and ingenious space-saver. Its design is rich with details, including a highly original end piece with its soft and curvy lines. In the space-saver version, a moulded pouf on one end enables you to create a comfortable chaise longue – or to put another seat in the space.

When it comes to dining, if you have an open living space and don’t want a table that takes up a large section of the room, or you have a separated but small dining room, this Hannover round table with its four space saver chairs is perfect. I love the functional, quality design and unusual shape – it’s a simple solution that looks great, and the classic style will stand the test of time.

Large mirrors can open up a room and give the illusion of space, so if you’re dining room is small, this is a great trick. Keep wall colours plain and light and avoid dark colours which can make small spaces look confined.

Utilise the space in a small spare bedroom or study with a sofa bed – but be sure to opt for something high quality to ensure it will last. Choose one in a plain bold colour over patterns, which tend to crowd small rooms and make them look cluttered.

One of the best is Barker and Stonehouse’s Florence sofa bed, available in bold red and three different sizes. The two-fold slatted mechanism that supports a spring interior mattress is designed for regular use, guaranteeing guests maximum comfort.

Investing in good quality space savers can transform living spaces from cramped to comfortable, and combined with simple decorating, will really make a difference to your home. Happy spring cleaning!