From high shine copper to muted brass and stainless steel, metallics have been a huge trend this year and show no signs of abating in 2015.

Whatever your style, be it cool and edgy or classic and elegant, metallic accessories will add a touch of luxe to your home. The great thing about the trend is that you don’t need to completely redo a room to incorporate it, a few key pieces will add dramatic flair.

I love to work with contrasting textures and colours for an eclectic feel. Combine the high shine of the Merle copper votive bowls which come in a set of three, with the Monti Industrial Leg Coffee Table. Made from reclaimed wood and iron, this table has a wonderfully rustic finish that’s perfectly offset by the copper bowls.

Continue the theme throughout the room with the Merle Copper Pendant and Hurricane Lantern, both from Barker and Stonehouse. The lantern will throw beautiful shapes across the room when filled with a flickering candle, and the light will bounce and reflect off the other copper accessories in the room. Keep these clustered on a table or window ledge to make them into an eye-catching feature, or dot about a room on shelves and tables.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match shiny and matt finishes – there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to metallics.  The Industrial Wire Table Lamp with its exposed light bulb looks great combined with the shiny copper accessories. Fit with a low wattage energy-saving light bulb for a softer glow.

Add drama with a heavy metal statement piece such as the Jet Engine Mirror. Its stylish swirl design is really unique, giving it a timeless appeal. It’s sure to be a real focal point in any home.

Opting for a few key metallic pieces that also serve a purpose will ensure that your choices endure long after the trend is over. The Small Black Log Rack is great for this reason – its understated black metal frame and circular storage would work well in both a contemporary and traditional setting.

For a glamourous feel, a few metallic soft furnishings will add opulence, but be careful not to overdo it. Combine muted tones and fabrics with a few metallic accents such as the Faux Leather Metallic Circles cushion to get the balance just right.