As spring starts to bloom and the fresh air changes from icy winds to a pleasant breeze, we are less interested in keeping our rooms looking cosy.

We start to want a cleaner, simpler look and nobody does clean and simple quite like the Scandinavians.

Scandinavians have long been vaunted for their appreciation of rustic style and their ability to marry form and function.

Ekornes are one of the leading Scandinavian furniture manufacturers, creating sofas and chairs which are not only stylish and modern but ultra comfortable.

The Norwegian brand is the self proclaimed ‘innovators of comfort’ and we couldn’t agree more. All Ekornes Stressless sofas feature the option of individual reclinable seats. The supersoft cushions mean you are always comfortable, while Ekornes patented glide function means the sofa follows your slightest movement.

Our favourite is the Stressless Windsor from Barker and Stonehouse in a lovely pea green, perfect for this fresh spring look.

Due to the rustic base of this look, virtually any colour scheme can be decided on and incorporated. Contemporary Scandinavian style often features lots of blues, greens and oranges – all fashionable colours this season.

The Festival upholstered chair is crafted from American oak with a lacquered finish. Its distinctive upholstered seat with cutout in olive green makes it a striking addition to any room.

Achieving a Scandinavian chic look relies on an appreciation of the purity of a well made piece of furniture. Look for well-made pieces with linear lines and an unfussy appearance.

The Oslo coffee table from Danish manufacturers Skovby adheres to a strict rectangular design and is the epitome of simplicity. It is available in a wide range of veneered finishes from Barker and Stonehouse.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum here as a stripped back aesthetic doesn’t allow for much in the way of soft furnishings.

But you can make the look slightly more homey by adding a single print, continued throughout the room to add depth to the look.

Poppies work well with Scandinavian chic. The bright red, green and black of the poppies gives a pop of colour, while the flowers themselves add a touch of floral decoration, without being overpowering. We love the poppy table wear from Creative Tops.

Continuing the floral theme, the Ercol Mantua padded back dining chairs feature a stunning floral design in muted blue, orange and white which is perfectly displayed against the ash wood of the chair and the matching extendable dining table.

Despite its furniture being produced in England, Ercol has an easy style and a love of simplicity which is very in keeping with the Scandinavian trend.

So whether you want to create a Scandinavian-style haven or just add a touch of alpine design, this month fall in love with Scandinavian chic!

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