What is the secret to a beautiful yet quirky home?

I put individual things that I love together; it doesn’t come into the equation whether they will go with anything else. Sometimes, when you have a collection of great colours, shapes and textiles, they just work.

What are your top tips for creating a warm, family home?

A home must be a welcoming environment. Our home isn’t too precious and houses a collection of items which hold happy memories including holiday photos, pictures and objects we have bought while we have been away as well furniture and ornaments.  Lots of things which spark off a memory fill our home. There is something special about seeing the same thing in the same place year after year, like you did when you were at your grandparents house. Your home should house things you love, whether that’s a piece of furniture, ornaments or happy memories.

How do you select colours that contrast but still look good?

Everyone has a few particular colours that they hone in on. I seem to get drawn to anything green, yellow, turquoise, purple and pink colours. These colours always look great against a white or grey background. If you keep the main background of the house in fairly neutral shades, the accessories really stand out and add a striking splash of colour.

What are you favourite textures to accessorise with?

I struggle with anything too matchy. I like a collection of odd cushions, in either floral or vintage fabrics, because they look great on a neutral sofa. We have large linen sofas with removable covers so they can be washed; a necessity with little ones around.

What is it about a piece that prompts you to buy it?

There just has to be something that you love about a piece that makes you want to own it whether it’s the shape or the colour and if you need it, well that’s a bonus but not a prerequisite if you happen to love it!

What most inspires you when it comes to interior design?

Inspiration comes from lots of different places for me – whether it’s vintage patterns, carboot sales or interior magazines. I love Designers Guild colours – the Farrow & Ball colour chart is carried in my handbag at all times!

What is your single favourite piece in your home?

I couldn’t possibly choose one! I love my oversized linen sofas, the large dining room table I was given by a friend and an old glass fronted cabinet in the bathroom.  I also love my front door, painted in ‘lamproom grey’.  Front doors are very important as it’s the first thing you see when you drive up to your house.  I love mine every time I see it!