This take on the country hideaway is like a high-style melting pot of Hoxton and the Hamptons.

We’ve given up chintz for a modernist mash-up of recycled industrial and soft eastern rugs. It’s making the most of its masculine materials, flexing its aesthetic like a Beat poet on a weekend jaunt.

Start with a simple range of wooden furniture. Minimal detailing and solid lines give the San Quentin collection from Barker and Stonehouse an authentic, rough-around-the-edges feel which forms the basis of the look. Reclaimed wood is sustainably sourced and crafted into this rustic bedroom furniture so every piece has its own unique style.

The macho drama of this big Tioga bedframe draws the eye and forms the centrepiece of the room, while the Bishop chest and Kern nightstand provide matching storage.

Arranging a selection of oriental style rugs to create a carpeted effect over one section of the room – such as under and around the bed – gives the space a relaxed look which works well alongside the natural materials and clean lines of the furniture.

Choose rugs in slightly different tones of the same colour – Barker and Stonehouse has a stunning selection of hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs for an on-trend eastern blend.

This idea gives a room personality and works equally well on a wooden or tiled floor.

And tapestry meets tribal in these on-trend cushions which look stunning set against a backdrop of pure white bedding.

The wonderful ‘Scrapwood’ wood-effect wallpaper ties the whole look together and because of its natural look is equally suited to the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Elements of brass play up the industrial associations while orange ceramics give the look depth and warmth.

Chrome and steel are too modern and shiny for this look, so instead go for brass and bronze accessories which will complement the rustic feel.

The Tourron is a collection of hand-made French stoneware fired at 1280 degrees that doesn’t chip with a non porous glaze that doesn’t discolour so the glorious orange shade doesn’t fade.

Wall art gives a room personality and every piece of Rebecca Puig’s vintage style wall art is lovingly handmade, filling it with character and meaning, and available at Barker and Stonehouse.

In the dining room, the large Indiana table and six Bison chairs provide provides seating for those big laid-back get togethers.

Finally, a big plump sofa with an ethnic print such as this Ikat grand split sofa softens the industrial edge but still looks at home. Accessorise with extra coordinating scatter cushions for a plush look then just sit back, relax and admire!

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