Whether you can’t leave the house or you can’t be bothered with the queues, date night at home is a great idea for any time of year. The perfect opportunity to spend some quality time as a couple, a romantic night in takes away the stress of making bookings, travelling and getting ready.

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But how do you prepare? Read on for some top tips on setting up your home and making it feel extra special. We’ve got plenty of romantic bedroom decorating ideas to help set the scene, as well as a roundup of essential décor for romantic dining rooms.

Romantic Bedrooms

The most comfortable and intimate place in any home, the bedroom can easily become your main focus for a romantic night in. Whether you’ve got a new partner, you’re celebrating a special occasion, or it’s simply time to put in some more effort, it’s important to give your bedroom extra attention.

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How Can I Make My Bedroom Romantic?

For a quick boost of romance, give your bed a more welcoming feel with new sheets in simple and sophisticated designs. You can then add depth with soft furnishings, like rugs and throws, for that thoughtfully layered look.

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Next? Pile up the pillows. There’s nothing more uninviting than a lacklustre bed, so layer lots of plump cushions in plenty of textures and complementary colours. Velvet is the ultimate fabric when it comes to romance. Shimmering, sumptuous and super luxurious, it works wonders on accessories as well as furniture. A really beautiful best-seller, the Raul bed frame equals plush perfection, and will offer your bedroom unlimited romance.

Borgia LED Bed Frame

For a little more extravagance, a bed frame with integrated lights is sure to deliver ample ambience any night of the year. Get the look with an LED bed frame like the Versilia or the Borgia. Alternatively, a 4-poster bed, such as the Malay, gives you plenty of possibilities when it comes to cosy textures. From enticing voiles and fairy lights to garlands and greenery, you can decorate the bed however you like to give it a more romantic, intimate and private feel.

What is the Best Colour for a Romantic Bedroom?

Next on our list of romantic bedroom ideas is colour scheme. When you think about romance, the first colour that comes to mind is probably pink or red. But the truth is, any tone can feel romantic when combined with the right lighting and décor.

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By night, a monochrome scheme should be warmed up by the glow of bedside table lamps, while soft pastel tones and neutrals need little more than candlelight. An undeniably intimate choice, richly decadent colours like dark reds, greens and purples rely on dim lighting to create a sultry look.

A stark, empty bedroom is far from romantic, so if redecorating isn’t on the cards then make sure you have plenty of surfaces for displaying eye-catching accessories and perhaps some colourful flowers.  Haven’t got space for bedside tables? Introduce a couple of stylish wall shelves instead.

How Can I Decorate My Bedroom Romantically?

Once you’re happy with the soothing, inviting and blissful feel of your bedroom, you may wish to add a few extra decorative elements to really impress your special someone.

Odeon Velvet Bed Frame

For your finishing touches, look to soft textures and fun fabrics. Our Faux Feather Plume comes in several colours, and adds fluffy romantic flair to any area of the home. Fringing, like that of our Gatsby Cushion or Tassel Ceiling Light, will deliver a little vintage luxury, reminiscent of a secret 1920’s speakeasy.

Ombre Candle Holder

And finally, no list of romantic bedroom ideas would be complete without candlelight. Opt for scented candles for a distinctive aroma that separates your boudoir from the rest of your home. Smoked glass candle holders are particularly good for creating a soft and magical glow.

Our Top Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

  • Scented candles
  • Plenty of pillows, cushions and throws
  • Velvet upholstery, fringing and tassels

Romantic Dining Rooms

Romantic dining rooms are often a little overlooked, but if you’re among those who believe that the way to the heart is through the stomach, then the dining room should be your destination for a romantic night in. Whether it’s expertly homecooked cuisine, a supermarket meal deal or your favourite takeaway, we’ve got a few tips to help make it a night to remember.

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Your first step is to clear away the clutter, even if that means covering your computer or workstation with a sheet, or moving the kids’ toys into another room. The idea here is to escape from the everyday.

Want to take your DIY date night to the next level? Then jump on the lockdown trend and invite your lover to the most exclusive bar around…

Amos Drinks Cabinet

Create your own home bar with a stylish drinks trolley or drinks cabinet. If you’re both partial to a tipple, then set aside a dedicated area with a stylish bar table and bar stools – sure to make your date feel a little different from the usual routine.

How Do You Decorate a Table for Valentine’s Day?

Romantic dining rooms are the perfect place to enjoy some one-on-one time. They give you a wonderful opportunity to have a night off from sitting in front of the TV and enjoy a proper sit-down meal at your dining table.

Romantic Table Setting

To make things a little more special for an occasion like Valentine’s Day, we recommend that you put effort into setting the table properly. Evoke eating-out vibes by starting with the right crockery and cutlery, then add napkins, romantic candles and an ice bucket to really impress.

Valentine Table Decoration

Finally, the one thing that all romantic dining rooms have in common is ambience. A simple table arrangement placed in a decorative tray is easy but effective in a pinch. All you need to do is gather together some candles and handpicked flowers. On smaller tables for two, tea lights will be ideal, whereas large dining tables can accommodate more extravagant centrepieces.

Our Top Tips for Romantic Dining Rooms:

  • A well-set table
  • No distractions or clutter
  • A decorative arrangement or centrepiece

Romantic Living Rooms

The place where most of us spend our free time, the living room should be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, whether there’s romance on the cards or not. The first step to creating a romantic living room is cosiness; that indescribable sensation that makes you want to stay put. With the right décor, this is achievable no matter what size space you’re working with.

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How Can I Make My Living Room Romantic?

Texture is important when it comes to romance, so be sure to layer up with plenty of cushions and blankets if you’re settling down for a long while. A luxurious rug or two will make a world of difference to hard flooring, and will come especially in handy if there’s an indoor picnic on the cards, or if you fancy making a fort and having a movie marathon. Layer two or three complementary rugs over one another slightly, placing beneath furniture to really get that soft and snug effect.

Azalea Velvet Footstool

When cosy is the aim, you can never have too much candlelight. Try a mixture of large lanterns placed on the floor and mismatched candle holders at different levels dotted about your surfaces for a varied and romantic look.

Cliché as it may be, nothing compares to flowers in the romance department. A simple vase of blooms upon a side table will give that extra special touch, or try a decorative bowl of pot pourri for lasting fragrance.

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What Colours Make a Living Room Cosy?

As with the bedroom, soothing neutral colours are a timeless choice. Just like you can easily dress up a neutral room with bold furnishings and decor, you can also tone down a vibrant sofa with a soft cream throw, or balance a stark white space with warm tones of yellow and gold.

Berkeley Fabric Sofa

On the other hand, nothing gives you that secret hideaway vibe like deep, moody hues. Dark furniture and walls will work in your favour here, so don’t worry about making things too soft. Instead, focus on the ambience created by lamps and candles.

Lois Blue Velvet Sofa

Rich jewel tones help to enhance the embracing effect, such as emerald green, burgundy and navy blue, while monochrome walls can be dressed with artwork to make your living room feel even more enveloping.

How to Make Your Living Room Romantic:

  • Layered rugs
  • Decorated walls
  • Round shapes and soft textures



We hope you found these tips helpful, and would love to see if you take any of our romantic bedroom ideas on board. Don’t forget to share photos of how you’ve styled your romantic dining rooms and living rooms with us, too. Tag Barker and Stonehouse for a chance to be featured.