A pastel palette has been in vogue for some time – and despite pretty pale pinks and lemon yellows being associated with spring and summer, they work perfectly in the winter months too. With the right accessories and patterns, pastel shades don’t have to be saccharin-sweet but can create a refreshing, inviting space.

Pastel colours work particularly well in rooms with a little less light and help to brighten up small spaces. Equally in a room with lots of light they lift it to something altogether more ethereal, particularly when combined with plenty of bright whites.

When planning a room, start by choosing the largest items of furniture first. Stick to sorbet shades for a pastel theme like this pale pink Anisha sofa from Barker and Stonehouse. Its plush, comfy seat cushions contrast well with the neat, boxed arms for a stylish, contemporary feel. Accessorising with cushions in strong patterns adds interest; avoid floral and instead go for bold patterns like the Geometry cushion in Petrol for a fresh approach.

A muted pastel rug which picks up the colour scheme without being overbearing gives subtle continuity, and the colours of the Bolshoi rug are perfect for this reason. Woven on Jacquard Wilton looms in a combination of wool and cotton chenille, it has a plush feel underfoot, providing an element of luxuriousness.


The Bilboo vases provide pops of colour in pretty pastel shades and look lovely dotted around a room, and the Verde glass lamp with its turquoise glass base and palest-of-pale pink shade provides a stylish lighting option.

A feature wall with bold wallpaper can make huge spaces less intimidating, while really adding personality. For our Perfect Pastel shoot pictured here, I opted for the Skyward Grill wallpaper by Tektura. Its tiled patterns and trellises mix metallic inks with layers of texture to fabulous effect, providing a great contrast to the soft pink sofa.

When opting for a bold print on a feature wall, don’t break up the shape with chunky shelves, instead go for something with no back panel – these stylish Criss Cross shelves are spot on.

If you have a penchant for pastel but pink is just not your thing, opt for baby blue or pale yellow as your starting point. The Lila sofa in Curry provides a zingy citrus splash, making it the perfect base for a lemon sorbet palette.

Whichever pastel shade you choose, subtlety, continuity and great design will mean your candy crush will not be a passing fad, but will blossom into an enduring romance.