When you woke up this morning, how did your bedroom make you feel? Luxurious, pampered and ridiculously spoiled?

Well, if not, why not? One of this season’s most luscious looks, dubbed New Bohemian, lends itself perfectly to one of the most treasured spaces in any home.

We spend the equivalent of around 120 days a year in our bedrooms, and – all right, we do spend a lot of it with our eyes closed – but it’s the place we most need to be tranquil and comfortable.

That’s where New Bohemia comes in. It uses plush fabrics and strong shapes to create an elegant style that also allows your artistic side to come into play.

In our pictured bedroom, the eye is instantly drawn to the Odeon Bed. With its deep-buttoned upholstery, it provides an instant hit of indulgence.


The Odeon is handmade in Great Britain using traditional methods, so it’s as sturdy as it looks – its traditional sculpted wooden feet are crafted from solid beech with an American walnut finish providing strong support.

Once this keynote piece of furniture is in position, the rest of the room quickly falls into place. I chose a plush grey rug to echo the Odeon’s opulent textures, and the Davina Chair for added comfort and style, while the Chain Glass Lamp adds its own special lustre.

A high sheen is also an important element in the choice of the Borgia Five-Drawer Chest, with its elegant lacquered surface in gloss Koto wood – an unusual but highly-appealing finish. The Borgia has bold yet simple contemporary lines, which help prevent the luxurious feel of the room becoming overpowering.

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Mirrors often play a useful role in a room – and I don’t just mean so you can check your look! The Meath Mirror selected for this bedroom is an ideal New Bohemia piece, beautifully sculptural in its own right with its curvaceous metal frame, but also helping to reflect light around the space.

This theme can be followed with other accessories. For instance, the Ore Caged Hurricane is gleamingly rich and would add interest to a previously-dark corner or side table. The Halcyon Gold Ceramic Jar would also work well in this context.

Barker & Stonehouse. Ore gold caged hurricane,£79

Naturally, with all this furnishing opulence, your choice of wall and floor coverings is important. While New Bohemia is rich in texture, its palette is muted, so create dark wooden floors and subtly-patterned walls for a look that’s contemporary rather than traditional.

Your own touches are crucial – after all, Bohemia means artistic, so feel free to experiment with gorgeously unusual pictures, squashy cushions and a variety of throws to create your own personal drama.

Quite something to wake up to every morning, isn’t it?

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