We’ve now got our eyes firmly on the Olympics – and we’re naturally hoping for gold, silver and bronze for Team GB.

But those precious metals are also a key note for our homes this summer, and we can all be worthy of a design medal or two if we pick the right pieces and make the best use of them.

Metallics have been gaining ground in top interior design for some time, popping up particularly in wallpapers and paints.

They’re always a strong design statement, because their light-reflecting properties make them particularly eye-catching – and as you know, that can mean it’s wise to use them selectively.

Gold, silver and bronze have luscious, lustrous properties that create a sense of opulence in any room.

You don’t have to have a whole room of shiny things to get the look – even just a gleam of metallics can create a new focal point or highlight a previously unconsidered corner.

One great example of this is Barker and Stonehouse’s large Hermitage table lamp in gold. Its ceramic base is polished and brushed to create a finely burnished effect, which is complemented by a bronze velvet shade.

It’s truly luxurious, and the gold base adds an extra soft sheen to illuminate a previously dark spot.

In the living room, metallics can take your room elegantly through from daytime – when they take accents from sunshine or warm up cool northern light – into evening, when they help set a chilled mood by reflecting subtle lowlighting.

The Duresta Diplomat sofa from Barker and Stonehouse is a sumptuous statement in any living room, rich with silver gilt patterning and deep fringing – and with deep-stacked cushions for sinking into. Relaxing never felt so good.

Metallics blend well together, so don’t hesitate in mixing silvers with golds and bronzes – our Sparkle rug in bronze is a gorgeous silk-feeling rug in a wide range of sizes that looks sensational on a wood floor or adds interest to neutral carpets.

We all like to luxuriate in our bedrooms, and metallics can help make us all feel like millionaires in our own boudoirs.

Take a look at the fabulous Versailles silver bed, inspired by the French furniture styles of Louis XIV’s court, with a tall headboard and elaborate carvings finished with silver or gold leaf – it’s a splendid work of art right there in your bedroom.

You can complement it with our Georgian range of bedside cabinets and chests of drawers in silver for extra Marie Antoinette appeal. Alternatively, they make great standalone pieces that can be placed into your bedroom design scheme to create subtle highlights.

So we can all aspire to Olympian ideals when it comes to making room for gold, silver and bronze in our homes and our lives. In fact, you might say medal metallics are easy wins when it comes to creating style…

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