Our love affair with all things Scandinavian has now become a way of life, and when it comes to our homes, it’s certainly exerting a cool and sophisticated influence.

We adore the pale shades favoured by our North European counterparts; the clear, cool light and the simple yet sophisticated lines. It’s an aspirational look that talks about an uncluttered and tranquil life – who wouldn’t be tempted?

There’s a number of key elements to assemble when you decide to transform your room in the Northern Lights style that’s full of Scandi chic. Natural materials and pared-back accessories are a must – and sleek, statement furnishings that attract the eye with their clean lines.

The Navada extending table and chairs are a perfect example. With flared legs and chic retro style, the range has smooth looks coupled with a certain robust charm that reflects mid-century modern furniture. It’s a look that will never go out of style – these pieces will remain classics, which is good news for the longevity of your carefully-created Northern Lights room setting.


I’m also wowed by the Savalen Accent Chair; it’s so chunky and rounded, yet its shapely arms add an angularity that makes it a perfect match in this space.


This chair highlights another key element of the Northern Lights look – geometrics. The colour palette is, of course, cool, with lots of greys and mid-blues, but strong patterns have a clear place here, on feature walls and in eye-catching rugs. It all goes towards preventing this spare look being sparse.

One charming touch you can add is a crocheted throw – Scandinavian style has a lot of room for muted folksy touches, and if you stick to the cool palette you can’t go wrong.

But hang on a minute – with all of these cool colours, don’t you run the risk of creating a room that might feel chilly? That’s where the choice of accessories and textures becomes crucial.

I’ve already mentioned natural woods, and you can see the warmth in the tones of the Nevada Sideboard. Unhampered by added handles, it has the smooth lines that make this look so elegant when paired with the gorgeous grain of the wood.


That hint of lustre makes a big difference – warm, copper accessories such as the Ball Copper Table Lamp work well in a space like this and I love the subtle gleam you get with the Airforce Blue Short Neck Vase.

Barker & Stonehouse, Airforce Blue Short Neck Vase, £12.50

There’s even room for a bit of quirky playfulness within the Northern Lights genre – the Ellis Sofa teams upholstery in a lovely blue buttoned velvet with charming, sculpted legs. This look is cool, not strait-laced!

Barker & Stonehouse,Ellis sofa in cotton, £1099

So for your very own take on Scandi sophistication, look to mid-century classics for inspiration, pick your palette from the cool end of the spectrum and add some strong geometrics with just a little splash of fun.

A box set of Borgen wouldn’t go amiss, either!