With spring now well and truly under way, why not refresh your home with the cool influence of the Nordic look?

This delicate but classic style uses a pallet of white and grey to transform any room, giving it an instant air of sophistication.

Start with pure white walls or a delicate blend of white and grey, perhaps using wallpaper with a subtle pattern, as a backdrop for furniture in whispery hues.

Barker and Stonehouse has the gorgeous Garland collection, which adds grace to any living room.

The aptly-named grand sofa has deep, plush cushions, subtly sloping arms and striking grey leaf-patterned cushions which really stand out against the plain background.

This kind of detail is key to the look, which uses accessories like delicate lamps and vases of fresh flowers to maximum effect. Emma Birch, an interior designer at Barker and Stonehouse who created the look for our latest brochure summed Nordic Spring up as: “Calming, restful and timeless.”

Emma said: “This look is achieved by creating a cool, pale backdrop then adding simple splashes of colour. Start with a key piece of furniture which you already own and base the look around the style, colour and texture of that piece.”

There’s no harm in adding to your collection of favourite pieces, however, and a great investment would be Barker and Stonehouse’s Carisbrooke sideboard.

Looking like it’s straight from a country cottage, this gorgeous sideboard comes in simple white and natural wood and provides ample storage for all your cutlery, pots and pans and even your wine collection, with a 24-bottle wine rack.

The bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with the Nordic look – what better way to ensure a good night’s sleep than by introducing subtle and calming tones?

Don’t be afraid of colour, though, as key to this style are dominant splashes of rich purple, rosy pink or spring green.

Chic, casual and French-inspired, Barker and Stonehouse’s Celeste collection brings elegance with an aged patina and contrasting oak top. A sophisticated wardrobe in slate grey and matching three-drawer chest are two of the key items that will transform your bedroom into a true Parisian boudoir.

While the look is chic, it shouldn’t be clinical. The odd throw draped over a smart chair – something simple in slate grey would be perfect – lends a fashionably dishevelled air that stops the Nordic look becoming too sedate.

You might want to pick out some restful artwork for the walls – the colours in a seascape would complement the greys beautifully – and little additions like a pretty chandelier or a wicker storage basket, with the emphasis on detail, are a must. Emma used original artworks by Yorkshire based artist Steve Harrington–Simpson http://www.stevesimpson.co.uk/

Far from being frosty, the Nordic look should be fresh and clean – like blowing a blast of fresh air through your home, so think cool as you pare down for this sophisticated style.

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