Rich and creative, one of this season’s key looks is a great excuse to indulge the lavish side of your nature without ever going over the top.

New Bohemia, with its plush fabrics and strong shapes, says elegance and style – and it’s a completely liveable look that allows you freedom to display your artistic side.

Start with a keynote piece such as the Lauder sofa, which encapsulates the New Bohemia look perfectly. Its clean, uncluttered lines and slim legs are teamed with sumptuous fabric to create an eclectic mix that speaks volumes.

New Bohemia Lounge resized

We’ve added to the blend with gorgeous cushions in crushed velvet and tones of gold and mercury, which add a further touch of luxury. The Icon Onyx Cushion is also great in this context because of its sheen.

Barker & Stonehouse, Icon onyx cushion, £25

In fact, lustre is an important element in New Bohemia, adding a glow to the overall vision that is subtle yet significant.

So think about adding tinted glass such as the Recycled Glass Bottle in bronze, gleaming gold and silver accessories, and go for the warm tones of brass. I adore the three metallic tones of the Bourgie Lamp base with its shining shade, which would brighten any previously-unregarded corner.

Barker & Stonehouse, Recycled glass bottle bronze, £15

Lighting plays a major role in adding interest and variation to this look. It can be low-key like the Bourgie Lamp, but you can also get away with absolute glamour. The round crystal effect Brass Chandelier ticks all the boxes – and it casts a wonderful glittering light in the room, too.

Barker & Stonehouse, Bourgie Table Lamp, £310

Candlelight is always a superb aid to creating an intimate atmosphere in a room, and for our New Bohemia look I’ve selected the Ore Gold Caged Hurricane Lamp. Cunningly wound with a rich metallic lattice, it casts beautiful patterns, and looks good as a stand-alone accessory, in pairs or even a group.

Barker & Stonehouse, Ore copper medium caged glss hurricane, £69

As ever, it’s the little touches that add the final gloss to this look. You want to create a five-star feel, a sense of luxe and relaxation that nevertheless retains a distinctive edge that’s far from bland.

So think about rich tassels and deep-buttoned upholstery, mirrors striking enough to be a talking point, and thick rugs underfoot. Keep pattern to a minimum and instead go for texture – plush velvets, smooth linens, sparkling crystal and even a touch of chrome or steel for complete contrast.

It might seem difficult to control such a broad medley of dramatic textures, but keeping the palette tonal adds an air of sophistication. Key shades are charcoals, willow greys, silvers, dark wood and other metallics.


Greys and golds are a refreshingly unusual combination and work well here – Cole and Son’s fabulous wallpapers create a perfect backdrop to show off the strong lines of the furnishings.

This is a look that takes courage to pull off to perfection, with a rigorous concentration on choosing the perfect pieces and using them to best effect. But you’ll find it’s worth the effort – and you’ll end up with the ultimate artistic abode.

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