When it comes to interior design, lighting can sometimes fade into the background. Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme, lovingly handpicked your furniture and carefully chosen the perfect accessories, you may not give much thought to lighting.

But how a room is lit changes the entire perspective of how it looks and, perhaps more importantly, how you feel spending time there. So pay attention to dark spaces where you need to create lots of light, and also on maximising natural light.

Candles can be used to create a feature whether they are displayed in candle-holders or left freestanding. Group church candles in ivory in front of a candelabra to create a pleasant glow – just remember to protect your furniture from the wax.

And don’t think of lighting as purely functional – if you’re feeling brave (and have the space and correct fittings) make a feature by grouping ceiling lights in different shapes, sizes and materials together. Try hanging them at different heights to add interest to the look.

If you’re living in rented accommodation and can’t change the colour scheme, lighting and accessories can transform a room and help you make it your own. Either opt for a wooden lamp with a neutral shade such as the Balustrade, or add a pop of colour with a bright lampshade. A chain of pretty fairy lights will add a touch of glamour to a mirror or headboard, and you can even buy battery powered versions so a lack of plugs isn’t a problem.

Floor lamps are ideal for providing a source of light behind a sofa or in a corner, and ball lights, such as the Volcanic and the Sienna glass, are a fun alternative to traditionally styled table lamps.

Decorative hanging pedant lights are great for creating some drama over your dining table, or taking centre stage in a bedroom or living room. Barker and Stonehouse has a great range.

And there’s always room for something a little bit quirky.

We love the Lichfield Camera Lamp from Barker and Stonehouse which is made to look like an old-style flashbulb camera – ideal for those with an eye for off-beat style.

You can also experiment with coloured, or even colour-changing light-bulbs, to create fun, temporary looks, perfect for parties and other special occasions.

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