A place to relax and enjoy free time, your living room should feel welcoming and comfortable; which is pretty unlikely if it’s filled with clutter. This is why it’s essential to optimise your living room storage, making sure that it works for you and is functional, with the added bonus of looking good, too.

Althorp Living Room Storage Furniture

No matter how big your home is, living room storage ideas are always worth taking note of – because who wouldn’t want to make the most of what they’ve got? From our favourite living room furniture pieces for small spaces to some helpful living room storage hacks that everyone should know about, read on to learn how you can improve the storage in your living room.

Living Room Storage Furniture

Our fantastic range of living room furniture accommodates every type of interior, from small apartments to large open-plan houses. But regardless of the dimensions that your home can handle, it’s still important for you to furnish it efficiently.

 Leif Sideboard

If you’re looking for living room storage ideas for small spaces, what could be more efficient than finding handy storage within the items that you already need? That’s where our multifunctional furniture comes in.

Living Room Storage Units

While display cabinets and shelving units are a great way to show off your favourite trinkets, they’re not so useful when it comes to clearing away clutter in your living room. That’s why many of our bookcases feature additional drawers and cupboard space, so you can choose exactly what you want out in the open, and what would be best kept hidden.

Halmstad Shelving Unit

A popular choice with our customers, the Halmstad shelving unit combines asymmetrical compartments with a large drawer for aesthetically pleasing yet practical results. When styled with subtle baskets to neatly stow away additional mess, it’s a real all-rounder.

If your walls are otherwise occupied by artwork or mirrors, then a shorter living room storage cabinet will be more than beneficial. Our range of sideboards are not only functional, but also perfect for creating a statement feature. And in smaller spaces, a smartly designed TV unit offers plenty of  opportunity for integrated storage.

Storage Footstools

Incredibly spacious and discreet, storage footstools are the perfect place to put miscellaneous items that you don’t quite know what to do with.

Borelly Storage Footstool

Whether it’s for electronics, controllers and games or important paperwork that mustn’t go missing, storage footstools keep everything together and can easily be accessed with a simple lift of the lid. Boasting a comfortable seat, stylish patterned upholstery and an internal compartment, the Borelly storage footstool is just about as multifunctional as it gets.

Storage Coffee Tables

Another clever piece of living room storage furniture, the right coffee table can help you keep clutter out of sight, without too much fuss. From tiered bases to built-in drawers, a coffee table with storage is a marvellous example of multifunctionality.

Hancock Storage Coffee Table

If you haven’t got room for a bookcase, the Hancock storage coffee table is a conveniently compact alternative. Not only does it feature an open display shelf for flaunting your favourite novels, it’s also got two deep drawers to one side and a spacious storage compartment beneath its lid.

Storage Side Tables

A great piece of living room storage for small spaces, side tables with integrated shelves, drawers or cupboards offer a quick and easy solution, along with somewhere to place your cup of tea or hold a stylish lamp.

New Frontier Lamp Table

If you’re looking for small living room storage furniture, the New Frontier lamp table features a single drawer that’s perfect for those few essential items. Regardless of your living room’s size, you should easily find a side table with storage to suit.

Storage Hacks and Ideas

If you’ve got young children, your main concern may be toy storage for the living room, and we’ve got the ideal solution. Our Yona sectional cube system allows you to create your own configuration by stacking together a variety of sizes.

ona Cube Storage
With the possibility of a simple two section unit or a wall filled with baskets, boxes and décor, the great thing about this design is that you can add to it over time, or move parts of it away into a different room. Cube storage is a terrific example of toy storage for the living room, but can double up as a DVD station or shoe organiser, too.

Purcell Velvet Sofa

A less conventional storage hack, high-set sofas offer valuable space for slipping small items away out of sight. Rather than a sofa whose entire base meets the floor, look for one with tall legs that lift it off the ground, such as the Purcell. You may be able to maximise this unused area with vacuum storage bags, wheeled storage crates, or even shoe boxes – just make sure you check the measurements first.

What Are My Finance Options?

If you’re revamping your whole living room, the costs can soon add up, so you may want to take advantage of our fantastic finance options. With payment plans extending up to 4 years, you needn’t worry about spending a lot all in one go. You may be eligible for 0% credit too, so there’s really no reason not to get your furniture on finance.

How to Look After Storage Furniture

When you’ve put time into choosing the perfect living room storage, the last thing you want is for it to become damaged. Generally, how you should look after your furniture comes down to its material and finish, so always retain any information that you receive with your purchase.

For further information, consult out furniture care guides that detail all of the dos and don’ts. We’ve also got a fabulous furniture protection plan, which covers you for 5 years.

Living Room Storage at Barker and Stonehouse

Whether you’re curious about living room storage for small spaces or you’re sick of searching the house for something you’ve misplaced, we hope you’ve found our living room storage guide helpful. Should you have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you want to see our small living room storage ideas in action, head over to the official Barker and Stonehouse Instagram page for style tips, inspiration and more.

Hague Storage Coffee Table


What is the best way to use space in a small living room?

As previously mentioned, the best small living room storage ideas involve taking advantage of space that’s already being occupied – such as with a storage side table or coffee table. Always opt for multifunctional furniture where possible. If you need an extra seat for having guests over, why not try a storage footstool instead of an armchair? And if you’re replacing your TV stand, consider a wall TV unit which extends upwards with an array of shelving and cabinetry.

Felino Wall TV Unit

How can I hide my storage in my living room?

Stylish baskets and boxes will constantly come in handy, whether they’re displayed on top of a bookcase, sitting beneath your coffee table or tidying up the shelves on your TV stand. We also offer a variety of statement storage trunks that look great in place of a coffee table, and conceal an unbelievable amount of space inside.

Winnie Coffee Table