With children back to school, now’s the perfect time to revamp your children’s bedrooms.

This is a room that serves as a multi-functional space, and often will need to be the place for homework, rest and play, so it’s a good idea to make sure children have a welcoming bedroom where they can play happily and safely as well as rest.

The first place to start is a good robust bed – an essential asset for a child. Young people do most of their growing at night and they are as prone to aches and pains as adults if their bed is old and sagging.

Today’s children’s beds are more than comfortable – they’re knockout in the style stakes. The Annora Bunk Bed is both fun and functional (and a great asset if you have two children sharing a room, or little friends coming to stay regularly).

Annora Bunk Bed

The Annora has side steps and a handrail to get up to the top bunk safely, with built-in shelving for toys and books, plus an optional under-bed drawer for extra storage.

Another piece of furniture any child would absolutely adore is the Jools Box Bed. Made of strong pine and painted for a rustic brushed finish, it’s the perfect ready-made play den – the bi-fold door even has a window.


It’s easy for a doting parent to fall prey to pleas for dolly-pink walls or footie wallpaper, but it’s worth resisting – children can get sick of their fads even more quickly than you can! Discerning youngsters will enjoy sophisticated touches that will stand the test of time. Look for classic items, such as the Jools Magazine Rack which can be used to display books and decorative items.


We also love the Joost Tree, which not only adds a stylish vibe to a kid’s room but a unique source of storage!


And there’s plenty of room for fun when it comes to accessories – we love the Paddy Fox Cushion with its wily beast in cuddly form.


Bedding can make a big difference, too, and even that can have a cool design touch – take a look at the Lulu Quilt with its multi-coloured squares for inspiration.


Get a child’s room right, and it will be both a haven and a pleasure for your child – and with a few amendments, it should be easy to adapt it for their changing needs as they get older.