The kids have just gone back to school so it’s an excellent time to give their bedrooms a new lease of life. Whether it’s just a lick of paint or a full renovation, decorating a child’s bedroom, or a playroom, is fantastic because you can really use your imagination to create a space that will hopefully fire up theirs.

Start with a strong colour palette, young children respond instinctively to primary colours, but don’t limit yourself to so few shades. Neons, pastels or even white will work equally well, so long as there is lots of texture and things to play with!

If you’re handy with a paintbrush, designing an image or scene with your child and recreating it on their wall can be a rewarding experience. But if you aren’t feeling very artistic, a stick-on mural will work just as well, has some lovely designs.

And then there are the toys. A thoroughly modern take on a classic children’s toy, Rocky the rocking horse is the brainchild of designer Mark Newson and combines a moulded polyethylene frame with a natural hemp rope rein to ensure your child’s safety and comfort. The perfect silhouette of a horse, equipped with its own saddle and stirrups and available in a choice of three colours, Rocky is perfectly at home in any nursery or playroom.

And man’s best friend can now be a child’s best friend too with the innovative new ‘plastic puppy’ from the design geniuses at Magis. Proof that puppies can be cute even when they aren’t cuddly, these fab little doggies are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, don’t need walking and will provide hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. Choose from a whole host of vibrant colours or give a home to the dotty Dalmatian version!

As they get older, children need their space and, proving you have the room, will love to have a small dining area where they can eat and socialise with friends. The Tom & Jerry stools and Topsy Bistro table are fashioned with a joint and screw design and are easily adjusted to different heights. Available in a choice of fun colours, they are ideal for children or teenagers.

Finally, having a space for children to be creative and express themselves is paramount to their development.

Take inspiration from the nursery and set up a crafts table where they can draw and glue to their heart’s content. The Jorge workbench from Barker and Stonehouse has the appearance of an old work bench but has been cleverly transformed into a working desk with two drawers and metal handles. Its natural look will only get better with age and it’s strong enough to withstand decades of use.

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