Jenny’s home is beautiful but she is a firm believer that you don’t have to be a millionaire to create a stunning home.

Here she shares some of her advice on how to create a fabulous home when you don’t have fabulous wealth to back it up

She says:

  • Wealth and good taste are not natural bedfellows. If you haven’t got the wealth and you’ve still got the eye, the ideas and the desire then you can make anything beautiful.
  • I’ve always had clothes or cushions or pictures and they haven’t necessarily been particularly good or expensive ones but they’ve been ones that I’ve liked or I’ve inherited or found.
  • I will strew a beautiful piece of cloth over a second-hand sofa I’ve found which has a nice shape to create something lovely.
  • The key for furnishing your home is get something you really, really love as best as you can afford. So if it’s a futon or foam cushion then cover it in something nice. If you can afford a decent sofa get the one that gives you the most pleasure and comfort, it will last you 10 to 15 years.
  • A good tip is to go to auction houses, quite often the things you find beautiful differ to those of the other people there. I’ve liked things no one does so I got them cheaply.
  • To create a stunning effect without huge cost I’ve always used a lot of colour but I use it against a plain neutral, white background.
  • If the bones of the house are really good – the structure of it – then you can be inspired. You can create something lovely no matter how big or small.

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