How would you define your home’s personality?

I think your home is a bit about being in search of what you loved, or where you lived as a child. I lived in the tropics and it was very, very hot, colourful, wild, and outdoors.

In England because we don’t live so much outdoors you bring your home in and recreate the world you want on the inside. Mine is one full of colour, life, change and movement.

How has your work influenced your home?

I love painting and I’m never happier than when I am painting. So when I’m not physically painting I paint with the house.  I walk around and constantly arrange colours in different spaces.

That is the kind of painting I do, arranging colours in my head. With my home maybe I’m doing it on a grand scale through that working out in my head what to do on a smaller scale on paper or canvas.

I can’t ignore the space I’m in and the space I’m in affects how I feel. I don’t like operating in a house that’s a mess or if there’s stuff in my way.

Tell us how you’ve built up your home?

I’m thrilled if I go travelling and I see something I think is really nice. Markets are my favourite place. The more remote you go the better they are because what they sell is  what people in a place make and use themselves. The items have integrity and I rather like that.

I don’t always find it beautiful, but if I do then it comes home.

How do you know which items to bring into your home?

I make sure it’s an item I  love. Recently there was a fisherman’s shed on the beach which had been collapsing and I’d taken photos of it because I loved the colour of its two doors, one was turquoise and one dark blue.

Then I saw a workman demolishing it so I ran out and said ‘can I have the doors?’.  He’d already taken them to the tip but went back and brought me the turquoise door  – apparently the blue one was in pieces.

I wish I’d gone back to get some of the pieces, but now I’ve got this beautiful turquoise door which I’ve propped against the wall, it’s a bit of colour, a bit of a glow.

It is constantly interesting and invigorating for me to create things, sort things and make things my own.

Do you worry about clutter?

I think de-cluttering is brilliant. I don’t mind ditching something if it is going to a good home or someone else who might appreciate it.

When we first moved into this home I’d brought stuff along that I realised I shouldn’t have moved. So I left those items on the pavement to be taken away. One was this old metal computer trolley without a wheel and someone immediately came and wheeled it away. I went ‘oh good’.

What advice can you give to someone looking to follow your style.

We all do our own thing so there is no point in trying to be someone else. Be who you are, choose things you love and you will find your own style.

I’ve got friends with a beautiful eye, I admire their homes and think ‘why can’t I do mine like this?’. But they might do the same to me and in the end we’re all quite happy to do our own things.

What is a home for?

I think your home is your sigh, your respite. You come in and think ‘oh good – I’m comfortable again’.

But when I come home I need to be stimulated as well as rested. I want to be cheered and I want to be able to switch off but I need the stimulation of all the stuff I have around me. I feed off it.

What makes you excited about your house in particular?

Every time I come back I see the light, the proportions and the furniture – and everything’s happily in its place.

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