Architect, TV presenter and all-round great guy, George Clarke will officially open our new Hove store on April 1st!

He’s shown us Amazing Spaces across the world ranging from the massive to the minute – even sheds. And for TV’s Restoration Man, every living space deserves to be special and individual.

George Clarke started his career as an architect, building up a company that designed living spaces for celebrities such as Jamie Oliver. Then a chance meeting with an agent over an architecture book introduced him to TV. Since then, TV viewers have lapped up each successful series.

As the guru of amazing spaces, we couldn't wait to speak to George in the lead up to our new Hove store opening.

Read our interview with George to discover his tips on how to make a living space unique and find out more about his own home style.

George to plan your room

“Homes are very personal to the individual person” says the Sunderland born architect, writer and lecturer. “So when you’re starting to plan a room or your house, the most important thing by far is to identify the style that you love before you actually do any work.

Find ideas on the internet, in magazines and Pinterest, and make up a scrapbook or moodboard for yourself or your designer of the things you really like.”

One of George's top picks: The Flynn Dining Chair

George to make a small space beautiful

“Declutter – you don’t want too much stuff in there" says George. "Then look for clever solutions such as integral storage to make the most of the space.

It’s important to make sure you get furniture that’s on the right scale, too, so it doesn’t make the space look smaller."

“Adaptability is important. For instance, in my house I need a dining area for four – me and my three children – on an everyday basis, but I sometimes need space when I have more people round for dinner. So I’m looking at a Barker and Stonehouse dining table that I can turn around and extend into another area to give more room when I need it. I love that.”

George's style at home

“I’ve lived in and enjoyed lots of different types of houses, but at the moment I’m working on my own house — it’s a 1968 house like my Mam’s where I grew up.

I’m a big fan of Mad Men, so I’m creating a 1950’s and 60’s interior, inspired by designers such as Charles and Ray Eames.

It’s quite contemporary, but cosy at the same time.”

George will be at our Hove store from 10am on April 1st. It will be a fun day with a chance to hear more about George’s career and life in a Q&A hosted by Telegraph Interiors Editor Talib Choudhry.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” he says. “I love what Barker and Stonehouse does, and I also spend a lot of time in Sussex, so it will be fantastic to open the store.”

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