Ok, so the turkey is in the oven, you’ve mashed, roasted, baked and boiled your potatoes, the veg is taking over the kitchen and the kids are fighting over who gets to pull he cracker first, and now you have to set the table for a dozen people, it sounds stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Christmas dinner is often the highlight of Christmas Day (after ripping open your pressies of course!) and you will want everything not only to taste great, but to look great too.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your table settings and you have a lot of people coming, then candles, place cards, placemats and a centrepiece are essential.

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First, think of a colour scheme you want to go with, this is often the colour scheme you’ve chosen for your Christmas tree and home decorations, as this will keep everything co-ordinated and matching.

Silvers, golds and reds are a popular choice as this will give your table both a glam touch whilst keeping the festive flair. Crisp white table cloths, a bright red runner and glistening place mats will give your table a glowing Christmas elegance.


Your Christmas Dinner table would not be complete without a striking centrepiece. Have fun with the centrepiece and let your creative side flourish, play around with baubles, cinnamon sticks, ribbons, candles and flowers to create something which will give life to your Christmas table.

Place Cards

In my opinion, place cards are a must, especially if there are going to be many people buzzing around your home knocking into one another. Giving order to at least one thing on Christmas Day can be a blessing. It is also a great idea, if you have small children at your table, to provide them with colouring books and crayons to keep them entertained whilst the adults peacefully eat their dinners.

Arranging the cutlery

Here’s the complicated bit, cutlery setting.

You cutlery should be arranged in the order that it will be used, starting from the outside. Knives and spoons are placed on the right of each plate setting; starting with a soup spoon, then a teaspoon and lastly a dinner knife closest to the plate.

Forks are placed on the left of the plate, with a salad fork on the outside and a dinner fork closest to the plate. Forks are placed with the tines facing upwards and knife blades should face towards the plate.

The dessert spoon and fork is placed above the plate setting with the fork closest to the plate and pointing to the left, the dessert spoon is placed above the fork with its handle pointing to the right.

Arranging the glassware

Glassware should be set out to the upper right of the dinnerware. A water glass is placed above the point of the dinner knife, with a white wine glass to its right and a red wine glass is placed top centre of the two. A champagne flute can be set behind the wine glasses, if champagne is being served.


To finish, place a cracker above the dessert spoon and fork, ready for your guests to pull once dinner has been served!