This autumn, we’re cosying up with comforting shades of burnished brown – why not join us?

Evoking a sense of stability and safety, these rich tones create the perfect setting for hiding away when the weather takes a turn.

Troy Corner Sofa

Incredibly grownup, burnished brown will work just as well in more neutral, pared-back spaces as it will within lavish looks. Seen above in the Troy Sofa, burnished brown can even be used in a minimalistic scheme, giving a modern update to the popular Scandi style and offering a warmer, more familiar take on the trend.

Timeless and effortless, it’s a great choice for achieving that vintage, characterful feel. From big changes to little updates, here are our top tips for styling this organic shade…

1. Introduce Metallics

Lion Picture

Warm metallic hints of bronze and brass will add a touch of luxe, beautifully offsetting the rugged character of burnished brown tones. The Bronze Pendant Light is a perfect example of this, featuring a stylish contrast between shiny metal and natural wood. Detailed with flecks of gold that catch the eye, the Framed Lion Canvas will provide just enough shimmer to prevent your look from falling flat.

2. Play with Textures

Astin Dining Chair

Burnished brown is brought to life beautifully in supple leathers, especially those with complex tones that will give it a more distinctive finish. The Astin Dining Chair features deep, varying hues and comes complete with a contrasting metal frame for industrial flair. An incredibly cosy addition to your living room or bedroom, the Faux Fur Cushion is dressed in a sumptuous chocolate brown cover of soft imitation fur. Touchable texture that will introduce log-cabin comfort to any sofa or bed.

3. Make it Comfortable

Asquith Chesterfield Sofa

If you want your home to feel warm and inviting, focus on introducing comfortable pieces that encourage relaxation. Starting from the ground up, a thick, soft rug will work wonders on any old floor, bringing the whole room together in unity. The Katherine Carnaby Chrome Rug in Mushroom features a shimmering pile that will totally transform hard flooring.

For a luxurious and timeless seating choice, the Asquith Chesterfield Sofa puts a sophisticated twist on burnished brown. Its antique leather upholstery is full of natural character and takes well to seasonal cushion changes, so it’s easy to keep on trend. Offering an incredibly supportive sit, the Etta Chair also has a wonderfully comfortable seat and generous backrest, which makes spending time at the dinner table even more enjoyable.

4. Balance the Look

Leopard Glass Vase

It is possible to go overboard with brown tones, creating an excessively rich effect that can feel a little suffocating. A great way to balance this out is with a statement mirror, which will reflect light around the room and open up your space immensely. Sticking to the scheme, our Round Metal Frame Mirror features a stylish tarnished finished, while its circular silhouette introduces a smooth and shapely element. Another accessory that plays well with light is the stunning Leopard Vase. Beautifully crafted from glass with a gorgeous tortoiseshell design, it will offset the heavier pieces of furniture and materials in the room.

5. Be Confident with Colour

Emmett Dining Chair

As a rich neutral, burnished brown is one of those easy-going tones that works well with almost any colour – so don’t be afraid to experiment. A quick way to liven up a wooden dining table is with vibrant dining chairs, like the Emmett, available in a range of complementary tones.

Showcasing one of our favourite colour combinations, the Dark Wood and Olive Table Lamp features a rich brown base with brass detail and a green velvet shade. A match made in heaven, this earthy shade of green beautifully complements the natural look of the wood and supplies a subtle pop of pigment. Alternatively, create a more pared-back aesthetic with the Numerals Wood Wall Clock, complete with a white metal overlay for a fresh touch of elegance.

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