Flexible working is the name of the game these days, and it’s becoming increasingly important to have a comfortable and stylish space to work at home.

Gone are the days when we’d jam a table into the tiniest corner and pile it up with papers; today’s home offices are as much a statement as the rest of our interiors.

Even if you use your office simply to handle household admin tasks, it’s important the space works well and is attractive.

Desks have definitely moved on in terms of design. Of course, they still need to function properly, but there’s now a plethora of stylish options available, from sleek, minimalist shapes to classically elegant silhouettes.

I’ve also been impressed lately with reclaimed wood designs that offer a pleasing rustic appearance – unusual for an office – to beautifully-structured styles in metal and lacquered finishes.

No messy office can look good, no matter how stylish the furniture, so storage is crucial – and it makes your working life that much easier if you can retrieve things quickly.

Think shelving and cabinets, of course, but a desk with versatile compartments such as drawers or shelving underneath can ensure a tidy, streamlined look that’s not obtrusive and also makes the most of your space.

The Jorge workbench really stands out with its beautiful bleached pine surface and sturdy legs. It may look like an old work bench, but it has been cleverly transformed into a gorgeous desk with two drawers and metal handles. The inner sections of the desk have a faint Swedish newspaper stain making it perfect for a study space that’s full of character.

Another reclaimed beauty is the Hendricks Wright Desk, designed by Thomas Bina and scrumptious in black walnut and demolition hardwood – the juxtaposition of rough and refined woods is a textural treat.

So far, so rustic – but many home offices are just as high-tech as the ones where we hang out in the big city. A sleek, modern home office can be a great environment where you can concentrate, so to create the right ambience, look for brushed metal finishes, cool silvers and blacks, and keep the accessories to a minimum.

It’s a good idea to keep the accessories to a minimum in this kind of office, too, so make them count – I think the Dexter Floor Lamp adds a valuable sculptural touch and practical lighting.

One of the most striking desks I’ve come across recently is the stunning Airfoil Rectangular desk. Created with his usual playfulness by designer Timothy Oulton, the desk seems to hover like an aircraft wing on a geometrically-designed base. Great when work feels like a wind tunnel!

For something a little more rounded, Oulton has also designed the Castaway desk, all aluminium and beach wood, with smooth corners and chunky good looks. It combines the best of reclaimed wood with a high-tech finish – great in any setting.

Remember when designing your home office that work can be stressful, and your surroundings need to be as tranquil as possible. Use neutrals on the walls, enlivened with key artworks to provide interest and inspiration.

Then plug in, switch on, grab a coffee and get down to some chilled yet focused graft. Working from home – who doesn’t love it!

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