Squares can sometimes be seen as the safe option because they’re simple shapes, instantly recognisable and are associated with not being terribly exciting. But square designs, boxy shapes and patchwork motifs are having a real moment in the interior design world – this autumn, it’s hip to be square!

Square coffee tables, as opposed to a rectangular shape, create a sense of space so are great for smaller rooms. There is a wide variety of styles and finishes, but one of our favourites is the Sylvain from Barker and Stonehouse in solid mahogany with a black-painted finish.  Also look for styles which provide storage space such as draws or shelves – the Micklow in a rustic, nibbed oak finish has both.

Boxy sofas such as Brookley corner sofa group, lend themselves to either a traditional or contemporary setting, particularly in classic materials and colours such as tan leather. The Brookley features a low profile and square arms with foam-filled cushions for maximum comfort. Play with the square theme by adding geometric cushions in muted shades.

Similarly, square beds such as the B&B Italia Tufty work equally well in a contemporary or retro-styled room. Available in fabric or leather, the Tufty’s gorgeous marshmallow colouring and soft upholstery make it a firm favourite – we particularly like the pleated squares which make up the base and headboard.

For smaller dining areas, recreating the look and feel of a classic bistro can work particularly well, and small square tables are a great alternative to the more traditional circular style. Barker and Stonehouse has the Dante, a sixties-inspired design with a Parquetry inlay arranged like a chessboard, and colonia black metal legs. Pair with barstools, such as the high-backed Diego, or wood and metal mix dining chairs, such as the Rafeal Birma chair.

Patchwork is another big trend as we head into autumn so look for pieces with textured, multi-coloured or tonally-shaded squares stitched together to form a patchwork effect.

Barker and Stonehouse’s Patch rug is comprised of squares of wool and cotton chenille featuring oriental designs in a “mash-up” approach to create a patchwork design. Available in a range of colours from black to yellow, it’s a modern take on a classic design.

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