Last night, we were thrilled to welcome a flurry of intrigued guests through the doors of our Battersea store to join us for the arrival of the first ever scented candle range by Charles Farris.

Dressed to impress, there was a delightful buzz in our Farris space which extended out into the rest of the Barker and Stonehouse store throughout the evening. The new candle range attracted plenty of attention with its striking display that showed off the collection from every angle; inviting customers to explore and inhale the delicious scents from the lit candles. Our gorgeous new collections in store were also a hit, and for those that attended were given 10% off our stunning accessories range.

To top things off, there was an exclusive preview of a short film on the heritage of Charles Farris which proved popular with the crowd, with many guests beaming as they left with goodie bags filled with covetable candle treats.

Thank you to everyone that joined us – we hope you had a wonderful evening!