Halloween – if you ever thought it was just for kids, think again.

It’s no trick…because we’ve got plenty of grown-up treats to give your home a touch of gothic drama as the seasons take their turn into winter.

Naturally, we’re thinking about black. Not only does it have true glamour, it adds an element of sleek chic to any décor, making a statement out of simple pieces such as lamps and tables.

Black needs to be handled with care in any room, where it can easily become gloomy and overpowering if overused.

Harness its astonishing powers to your advantage by keeping black to accessories and accents; if you are using it on walls team it with a light-reflecting shade such as silver – we love brocade wallpapers – or gold.

Black also looks fantastic against white and red, where its full design strength can be appreciated – no-one’s going to accuse you of having bland décor!

One of our favourite Halloween dream pieces is the ultra-stylish Tutino table, made in dark toughened glass with a unique stacked, twisted base.

Tutino comes either as a coffee table – fantastic as a counterpoint to a white or red rug – or as a full-size round dining table, perfect for sophisticated evening gatherings. Its reflective surface will bounce back the illumination in the room, adding a subtle lighting effect to enhance the mood in the room.

At your Halloween dinner party, you may well want to offer your guests a glass of something nice, and Milo’s fabulous set of four black wine glasses is sure to cause conversation.

Handmade and mouthblown, these luxurious glasses are elegant and clear-stemmed – we think they’d look as though they are floating above your Tutino table. Spooky!

Of course, you want to make sure your dinner guests are sitting comfortably, and we’ve been absolutely wowed by the styling on our Betty dining chairs.

With their single curving leg and medium-height back, they stand on chrome feet and add a sinuous grace to the dining room. While we love the gothic black, they also come in a variety of shades including white and red, with a natural brown option available, too.

We’d sweep the meal to the table in a flurry of luxe Newbridge trays, which come in a set of two in a black gloss finish and would make even simple white plates look divine. Your flatware will also gleam when laid out on a black table-top, so make sure it’s polished to a high gleam!

With all those dark notes, of course, you’re going to have to concentrate hard to make sure you get the lighting right. We love the Kartell Bourgie table lamp – black from top to toe, and a sure-fire way to add some up and downlighting drama to any event.

And for a final subtle shine – not to mention a heavenly scent – we can’t recommend highly enough our hand-poured Voluspar candles in 100 per cent coconut wax. The Makassar ebony and peach version delights the senses with tones of warm ebony wood, Mirabelle peach and sweet peony.

Dare we say sexy? Well, we think we dare…

All of the products are from Barker and Stonehouse (www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk). You can follow us at www.facebook.com/barkerandstonehouse.