Summer is an excellent time to do some DIY or redecoration – the warm weather means you can have doors and windows open while your paint dries and you can give your home a whole new look in time for autumn and winter.

And utilising a spare room is an excellent way to add value to your property.

If you want to turn your spare room into a guest bedroom you need to maximise your space while making your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

The Goodwood Spacesaver bed from Barker and Stonehouse, with its modern design and two complementary mattresses, is ideal for a guest bedroom or children’s room where space is scarce. Incorporating two good sized single beds with solid slats and a natural oak finish, it’s literally two beds in one.

If you have more room to play with, the Epping bedroom range is fabulously rustic. Made from solid oak with a white oil finish, its stunning natural looks and versatile style make it right at home in any bedroom. Choose from a variety of pieces including double or triple wardrobes, mirrors and chests to create your own look.

Dress the bed in this beautiful Toile Powder Blue bedding from Barker and Stonehouse for a touch of luxury and French sophistication.

Now that you have put your furniture in place it’s time to pay attention to the details. Make sure the guest room is not too hot or too cold as no matter how comfortable the surroundings, it’s very hard to get a good night’s sleep if the temperature is wrong.

Equally, lighting shouldn’t be too bright, bedside lamps are perfect  and we particularly like Barker and Stonehouse’s white-washed selection.

Neutral colours or pastels are good for guest rooms but don’t forget to give the room some personality too – wall art is a great way to do this.

Try giving the room a ‘traveller’ feel with prints of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, or get artistic and create your own with wallpaper samples.

It’s all about the finishing touches – fresh flowers or scented candles will create a homely atmosphere and make your guest feel special.

Provide more clean towels than you think will be necessary, and stack them at the foot of the bed for a boutique hotel feel. Finally, instead of a Bible in the top draw, try a style magazine or a book you would recommend – it shows you’ve put some thought into what your guest likes.

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