It’s the style that puts the pop in Pop Art – and it can do the same for your living room.

Graphic Lounge is a strong statement of colour and shape, with clean lines, bright hues and a clear remit to create the wow factor in any space.

If you think that sounds like it’s not for the faint-hearted, you’d be right. Graphic Lounge creates its contemporary good looks by gleaning influence from some of our favourite retro periods, the Fifties and Sixties, and transforming them into something new and special.

It’s not really a look for shrinking violets – you’ll have to get used to guests raving about your taste!

So where to start? It has to be with the sofa, which sets the style for the rest of the room. Corner sofas fit extremely well with the Graphic Lounge look because of their straight lines – but straight doesn’t mean boring.

The Slouch small corner group from Barker and Stonehouse is British upholstery at its best, deeply comfortable yet utterly stylish. The low back and wide box arms create a simple shape that will anchor any living room, and absolutely invite you to snuggle.

Or if you prefer a four-seater sofa, just take a look at the simple yet stylish Pierre de Terre. In a sizzling scarlet with matching footstool, the real graphic input comes in the shape of a range of amusing scatter cushions with striking designs, such as the Stars and Stripes and a one-way sign. It reminds us of the cartoon-style work of Roy Lichtenstein – super US cool.

If you prefer something more abstract and muted, you’ll like the Spear cushion with its strongly graphic triangle print. Great for you chair, couch or bed – match it with plain cushions in toning shades or be bold and contrast it with other patterns such as spots.

Graphic Lounge is a look that encompasses the whole room, so you shouldn’t forget the floor. The Multi Funk Rug from Barker and Stonehouse is a real talking point for any room, reflecting the strong colours of hand-crafted Eastern rugs but with a fabulous Pop Art vibe.

This rug will give you most of the colour you need in your room – give it some support in the shape of cushions, lamps and other accessories that pick out one or two of the colours – you’ve plenty of choice, and you can refresh your room regularly by changing them over.

For those who prefer a more monochrome look, the appropriately-named Graphic Illusions rug with its flower parchment pattern is coolly-coloured but never boring. Its strong design reminds us of the Spirograph toys that kept kids amused in the Seventies – another retro reminder from the Graphic Lounge look that makes us smile!

Get it right by mixing elements of strong pattern with plenty of plain, and focusing on dashes of vibrant colour that lift the whole room without overwhelming. It’s graphically groovy.


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