Throughout history, geometric patterns have made their striking presence felt again and again in design.

The ancient Greeks loved them on pots, and the royals of Granada tiled their beautiful Alhambra Palace with them. More recently, we found them totally groovy in the Sixties, too.

So it’s no surprise that geometric patterns are once again giving a contemporary edge to design and finding a place at the heart of our homes.

Geometrics, with their simple, clean lines and strong repeating shapes, are perennial favourites when it comes to making a real statement in a room.

They add definition to any piece – for instance, even a cushion can become a genuine focal point when it’s boldly patterned in black and white, as you can see in our picture where the Geometry Cushion perfectly complements the stunning Geometric Rug.

Geometric patterns work particularly well in one of this season’s key looks, which we’re calling Urban Luxe. It’s a cool and spacious look, as you can see from our main picture, with lots of light and a sophisticated, muted palette.

But what really brings the room together is the wonderful Harlequin Rug, which calls all the colours together and teams them with a dash of dynamic black to provide a real zing.

Geometric accessories pack quite a punch in a room no matter their size. I like the white Nonagon bowl because of its simple yet stylish shape – full or empty, it’s a perfect way to add a geometric touch to a side table.

Barker & Stoneshouse Nonagon White Bowl £22.50

It’s not all monochrome in the world of geometrics, though. The Magna Hurricane pairs the current obsession with copper with a strongly-formed shape – its warm hues add a splash of colour to a room, particularly when candle-lit to give a soft glow.


Geometric patterns are hard-edged, but they make a surprisingly good combination with softness. The Diagonal Foil throw in jersey melange is made of the cosiest cotton with a gleaming pattern to lift it well out of the ordinary and add extra comfort to a sofa or bed.

Barker and Stonehouse Throw in Jersey Melange with Foil Print, £149

And remember – if you use geometrics in your room, remember to let them speak for themselves and make sure they sit against plain, complementary surfaces where they can do their job – and simply dazzle.

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