The works of these famed Italian glass craftsmen have been adorning the homes of the elite for many years as beloved key pieces.

Founded in 1955, the company produces intricate and striking glass structures which are produced by a team of highly talented craftsmen, hand-picked by the company for their skill and expertise.

Not just anyone lands the job here – you must be a master craftsman highly familiar with the material in question – glass. The secrets of the work and methods transcend through generations, and it’s this level of secrecy and detail which results in the incredible quality and uniqueness of the end products.

Along with this incredible eye for detail and precision, the company is also highly eco-friendly, using 100% recyclable materials including crystal, aluminium and steel.

We adore the style that Galotti & Raddice pieces exude and the sheer luxury of the designs. Take a look at our Gallotti and Radice must-have list here…

Bolle Hanging Lamp

The Bolle hanging lamp is handmade for each and every order.  The lamp features transparent blown glass balls teamed with hand-burnished brass, meaning no matter what room this exquisite light is in, it will be the ultimate statement accessory. And, as each light is made to order, individually, no two are ever the same.

Venus mirror

Simple and clean lines mean this modern mirror offers a crisp contemporary style. The black painted pattern, offsets the chic design making it a striking feature piece.

Monday dining table

For an ultra-modern dining table make sure you have the Monday in your home. With a transparent glass top and light grey metallic legs it’s a work of art. This fresh approach to dining makes it an ideal option for anyone wanting to add modern luxe to their home.