Fruity shades such as apple green and cherry red are always big favourites of mine when it comes to choosing accent colours for spring. The vibrancy of these shades bring a room to life, allowing you to create a fresh look with rustic furniture and unfussy accessories.

Using these colours as the perfect complement to the simple beauty of solid wood furniture, Barker and Stonehouse interior designer Trish Ridley created her ‘Fresh Grain’ look for our spring brochure.

Trish Said: “Create a classic fresh, vibrant look by mixing stylish oak furniture with punchy accent colours.”

Oak furniture is long lasting and hard wearing, it is also timeless and can be used to achieve both a contemporary look and a more traditional look.

The Hayden dining range is a gorgeous example of a contemporary dining range – crafted from oak with finger joints and long metal handles.

The dining table and matching sideboard feature an understated design, while both the bench and the dining chairs have leather seat pads for maximum comfort. Alternatively, there’s the Yeovil dining range with its retro appearance and chunky rustic curved wooden top which is mirrored in the curved back Brina dining chairs. 

The attractively solidity you get from using oak furniture as the base of your look means you can afford to use some bold prints, providing they tie in with your accent colours.

The Florien from Barker and Stonehouse is an inviting modern and ‘oh so’ relaxing sofa corner group in taupe perfect for lounging. The mountains of plush patterned scatter cushions featuring stripes and florals in red and green, ensure even more comfort and are a great way of adding a splash of colour.

A matching accent chair with an all-over floral design will draw the eye and provide extra seating.

Match with a nest of tables such as the quirky nest from Ercol Originals and a neutral footstool for easy style.

Remember, you need to keep your walls and the rest of your furniture neutral to avoid the room looking too ‘busy, busy, busy’.

Trish said: “Don’t be afraid to use bold shades and strong colours – the key is to not use too much of any one colour and balance the look with fresh white walls.”

Accessories in paler shades of red and green, or featuring a poppy design will tie the room together.

Barker and Stonehouse has the Paris table lamp in Antique green, or the Ariadne Smoke lamp in neutral grey.

This ‘Fresh Grain’ look is perfect for spring but is versatile enough to take you through the seasons. Simple and contemporary, with a rustic yet retro look, it’s the 2012 way to make the most of your oak furniture.

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