The dining room is the hub of the home at special occasions so you want to make sure that your dining room is fit for a King.

A large dining table is an absolute must regardless of how many people you have to fit around it – you want plenty of room to serve up all the platters of food that parties can entail. A big solid number like the solid American walnut Mondo dining table is a good bet as it has a matching bench which can be used for extra guests, and moved to the side of the room as a storage or display bench at other times of the year.

The dark walnut wood contrasts beautifully with the sophisticated mid-century styling of the Charlbury Upholstered Dining Chair in teal blue – a fabulous winter colour that is often overlooked but will add a glamorous  twist to your décor scheme.

Lighting should play a pivotal role in your dining room décor, and this stunning vintage iron Gyro Chandelier by Timothy Oulton would make a dramatic impact over any dining table. Drawing inspiration from ancient armillary spheres, the chandelier consists of a spherical framework of rings that represent the longitudes and latitudes of the earth which cast a comforting and atmospheric light around the room.

Tableware - Fit for a King by Kate Baxter

Of course, the table dressing you opt for is one of the most important elements and any table fit for a King should be dressed with stylish dinnerware, serving dishes, glass flutes and decorative accents. These vivid orange glazed stoneware Tourron Plates offer a striking contrast the walnut wood of the Mondo Table and dazzling blue of the Charlbury Dining Chairs, creating a unique and opulent feel.

The elegant swirl of hand-painted platinum on the Malika Grand Champagne Flutes and Champagne Bucket by Monika Lubkowski-Jonas  adds a refined decadence to the dressing, while the Alu Table Candelabra with sleek white tapered candles adds an extra sense of grandeur to the scheme.

I’d keep it away from the table top crowded with food platters and instead place it atop a sideboard adjacent to the main table; the warm patina of the Hendricks Logan Dresser by Thomas Bina is a personal favourite and would pick up the soft glow of the candlelight beautifully.