The Femme Fatale is a staple of old Hollywood- the gorgeous woman whose beauty and sex appeal drove men crazy and often led them to their destruction.

She was always dressed to perfection, expertly made-up, and she always lived in glamorous surroundings.

And thanks to films such as Gangster Squad, and Anne Hathaway’s turn as Catwoman in the most recent instalment of the Batman movies, the Femme Fatale is back.

While we don’t advocate Femme Fatale behaviour – you have to admit, these ladies have got style.

Creating a home with Femme Fatale allure is all about luxury and decadence. It should feel feminine, sophisticated but not too girly or pretty and you can either plump for vintage – taking inspiration from the Hollywood goddesses of the 1940s and 50s – or you can bring the look up to date with a cleaner, less fussy look.

Whichever you choose, fabrics and colours are key.

Tactile fabrics such as silk and velvet will immediately give your room texture and drama. So the Boleyn sofa in a mix of velvet and silk, or the curvy Catherina fit the bill perfectly.

Deep purples, charcoal grey and smoky black make up your palette here, with occasional flashes of red used sparingly.

Adorn beds and sofas with cushions such as the Glamour cushion with its silver glitter streaks and the Malibu cushion in Damson.

A four poster bed is too fairytale for this look, but you can create your own canopy by hanging gauzy fabrics such as muslin or tulle from a frame above the centre of your bed.

Alternatively, the Monroe bedframe from Barker and Stonehouse is upholstered in a beautiful blushed lavender velvet and finished with studded detailing for an opulent look.

The Dolce rug in graphite ensures you can pad barefoot across the room. Hand-woven and hand washed its beautifully soft and effortlessly stylish.

A screen oozes sophistication because it hints at undressing while preserving your modesty. We love the Starbay Goa panel screen in black walnut with directional shutters, hang a silky negligee or seamed stockings over it for extra va-va-voom!

Finally, every Femme Fatale needs a full length mirror in order to put together that ‘killer’ outfit. Vintage girls will love the Starbay Valparaiso floor standing mirror, while those creating a contemporary look will favour Gallotti & Radice’s Mozart rectangular mirror which gives the impression of a mirror within a mirror.

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