Features walls are a fantastic way to display your creativity, break up large expanses of space and add interest.

From using paint and paper to mirrors, books, paintings and ornaments, there are a myriad of ways to create a feature wall which reflects your style and compliments your home.

If the overall colour scheme of your living room is neutral a wall of colour, such as around your fireplace will draw the eye and create a stunning backdrop. You don’t have to use a bright colour as you can create a beautiful effect with a tone a few shades darker than your base colour, such as dove grey wall set against pale pink. Pick out similar shades in your accessories to pull the whole look together, such as the Madison cushion with fan detailing in taupe.

Madison cushion (taupe)

Similarly, a wall of block colour at the head of your bed provides a dramatic look, particularly in a strong shade such as plum or sapphire, and a wall of luxurious material such as velvet is a glamorous alternative to a headboard.

Wallpaper can be used to add a pattern to a single wall, perhaps giving you the freedom to try a bolder print or more experimental design.

A wall of clocks in a variety of styles and shapes will always make an eye-catching display. Barker and Stonehouse has retro styles, clocks with an aged effect and clocks which are bang up to date. Arrange something classic such as the Convex Newgate clock in antique black with gold detailing next to the cube wall clock or vintage red glass design for an eclectic look which works well in a home office or study.

You could also create your very own art gallery, with prints, paintings, canvases and photographs. Frame some and leave others bare for a more organic and expressive feel.

A wall of mirrors is a classic way to make a statement and with such decorative pieces as the mirror on mirror, it would be a shame not to really show them off.

Finally, the interiors world is having a bit of a love affair with animal heads at the moment, from realistic detailed representations of hunting animals such as stags to bejewelled antelopes and shiny metal rhinos. Merikay Mackenna’s original hand-made wall mounted sculptures are exquisitely made and covered in faux fur with details such as teeth and horns hand crafted and added to the pieces for the most life-like appearance.

So whether your interpretation of a feature wall is a splash of paint, an extension of your wardrobe or an artistic gallery, it is guaranteed to make an impact.

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