Metal is a useful material, hard wearing and malleable in its liquid form, it’s strong, durable and tough. But it can also be beautiful. Metal can be twisted into a myriad of shapes, it can be matt or polished to achieve a high shine and it can be used to create intricate patterns and designs.

Decorative metals is a trend which has begun to spring up and bloom long before the season changes.

Basically if it’s embossed, punctured, twisted or shaped, it’s a must have item.

Mirror with a decorative edging is one of the ways to try the look, and the Casanova Decoration O mirror from Barker and Stonehouse is a perfect example. A thick mirror engraved with round Murano glass bevelling, it’s available in a choice of shapes and sizes.

And for those who like their mirrors a little less mainstream, the Lotus and Frasca mirrors from Porada are individual leaf and flower shaped mirrors which can be arranged as desired at any angle to create a stunning wall display.


Hammered Propeller Paperweight

Alternatively look for hammered metal such as hammered photo frames or Barker and Stonehouse’s Hammered Propeller paperweight which has a decorative yet industrial appearance.

Metal hooks with cute designs, particularly if they have a floral or bird motif are also set to be big news this spring. Linda Barker’s floral wall hooks are exquisite and antique fairs are a great place to pick up one of a kind items like this and build a collection.

And fairy lights are not just for Christmas. The Aluminia light chain features delicately fashioned aluminium leaves and pretty white lights which would look gorgeous draped over a headboard or around a mirror, giving you a romantic ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ effect.

Similarly, ‘decorative’ doesn’t just mean pretty and girly. Designers are increasingly finding new and unique ways to use this versatile material to create unexpected pieces.

The Donna Karen Lennox collection includes quirky sculpted metal bowls, while Italian kitchenware designer Alessi has turned everything from a lemon squeezer to a fruit bowl into a work of art.

Neither does a decorative metal piece have to be an accessory. The Hestor dining chair is made from pressed steel in a vintage distressed finish. Perfect for seating around either a rustic or modern dining table, or as a stand alone chair, the Hestor’s unusual shape and timeless design make it an artistic and individual choice.

This trend encompasses a variety of styles and metal pieces come in all shapes and sizes so whether your look is more delicate and pretty or quirky and cool, decorative metals will add that final flourish.

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