Renting is one of the quickest ways to finally have a place to call your own; you’re not tied by a mortgage and usually sign only a 12 month contract, so you’re free to live your life however and where ever your family or career may take you. Seems fantastic right?

Well, kind of, some land lords are very particular about you decorating their home to your own taste, for some, you even need written permission to hang a picture on a wall! (Madness, right?). So how can you create your own stamp on the home you’re living in but essentially don’t own? Easy! I have some fantastic tips to turn a rented house into a personal loving home.

Crate DIY! I love this idea, so simple yet so effective and best of all, cheap! You can buy a crate at any DIY shop, such as B&Q or The Range for just a few quid. Just paint them the colour scheme you desire, stack them up (but make sure you secure the crates together otherwise disaster may strike!) and fill them up with books, magazines, decorative vases, and anything your heart desires!

This idea not only saves you a lot of money, but creates a unique storage space without having to hang shelving on the walls. This idea can be replicated in any room in the house. How about stacking crates up in your bathroom and using them to display bath towers and all of your shower lotions and potions!

Decorating a rented home

Hate the carpet or flooring in your rented home? No problem, invest in a big quality rug to cover all that ugliness up. You’ll be surprised how much difference it makes to the feel of the whole room. Plus, it will save you your deposit if any unexpected spills may occur, which lets’ face it, will occur.

Bold patterns and colours are a great way to add colour to a home too, and if the walls in your rented property are dull old beige, a colourful rug will lift not only the mood of the room, but also yours too. Yey for rugs!

Lighting, one of the most important features in any home, why? Because that’s what gives light to the whole of the room! Duh. So you may not be able to change the position of where the light is, but you can sure add a stunning and effective lampshade or lighting fixture to add some razzle dazzle. I love this copper Lounge Pendant; it speaks volumes in terms of cutting edge interior design, and also, look how shiny!

If you are changing the whole fixture, just make sure you keep the fixture which was there in the first place, so you can quickly change it back when you move out. Easy peasy!

Ok, so let’s talk pictures, some landlords don’t have an issue with hanging pictures, as long as you fill any holes before you move out. Great! But some landlords just flat our refuse to let you put any kind of holes in the walls, no matter how small, but don’t worry, this can be easily hurdled. Remember those crates we used? Place picture frames on top of those or any other sideboard you may have in your room, or even just the floor! Who said pictures had to be hung up anyway?